Automated Application Deployments Make Your DevOps Process Run More Smoothly

Bring legacy systems into the 21st century DevOps process—automate application deployment.

You probably know that you should have a fully automated deployment process. But, chances are, you have at least some manual functions to your deployment system. This can create an error-prone deployment process.
A fully automated application deployment process should be the goal of any organization running DevOps. Automated application deployment increases productivity and mitigates the risks of manual deployments. Open source solutions like Habitat by Chef offer automated systems that allow applications to be built, deployed, and managed decoupled from the infrastructure to improve overall efficiency.

Automated Deployment with Chef Habitat

Are your legacy systems holding you back? For automated application deployment to be successful, it needs to be able to run the same across legacy platforms as well as new systems. Chef’s open source Habitat does just that and more. Habitat addresses each step in the application deployment process, including build dependencies, runtime dependencies, configuration, dynamic topologies, deployment strategies, secrets management, and security auditing.
The key to Habitat’s process is three steps:







With Habitat, you can scale application deployment for your needs and get consistent results. Do you use containers? Build your application to your exact specifications and then export your application into your preferred container format. Similarly, you can run your application in any container or other compute runtime. This leads to more reliable deployments.
Security is addressed, too. Encryption is built into the runtime configuration.

Benefits of Automated Application Deployments

As mentioned earlier, anything done manually can end up riddled with errors. Application deployments filled with mistakes can result in software that doesn’t work, or has vulnerabilities that could lead to security problems. Other benefits of automated application deployment include:

  • Easier to repeat application deployments
  • More time to focus on app development
  • No need for a dedicated person or team to handle deployments
  • More frequent software releases and fixes

What’s stopping you? Many organizations hesitate to turn to automated application deployment because of the overhead expenses, the maintenance costs, the concern that it is too time consuming to make the switch or you simply may not know where to begin because your deployment process has numerous moving parts.
However, if DevOps is a vital cog in your organization, you’ll be most successful when you adopt the technologies that make the entire process run smoothly and keep up with business demands. With automation, you can focus on building, managing, and deploying applications in any runtime environment.