Announcing Promotional Pricing for the Opscode Platform

Please read below for a few important announcements about the pricing of the Opscode Platform.

After several months spent gathering customer feedback during the free beta period, we have finalized the pricing structure for the Opscode Platform and scheduled the date for existing customers to start upgrading.

When: On December 1st, anyone who would like to manage more than 5 nodes on the Opscode Platform will need to become a paid customer. Before then, we will provide instructions on how to sign up your organization.

What: There are three promotional pricing tiers, available to early adopters:

  • Launch – $50 per month for up to 20 nodes
  • Standard – $125 per month for up to 50 nodes
  • Premium – $250 per month or up to 100 nodes
  • Custom – Call us if you have more than 100 nodes

These plans are different from some earlier proposals in two ways. First, there are no overage fees. Operationally and philosophically, we do not want to have individual charges for each new server you decide to manage with the Opscode Platform. Second, we have brought the implied per node price down from $5.00 per month to $2.50 per month. For a more detailed description of these promotional plans, please see our pricing page:

As always, we love feedback, the more constructive the better. If you want to use the Opscode Platform and these promotional pricing plans do not fit your use case, we are eager to hear from you. Please contact us at sales@opscode.

Thanks for your support of Chef and Opscode!

The Opscode Team

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Bryan Hale

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