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ChefConf Spotlight: After Hours

ChefConf is officially 3 weeks away! In the past few weeks we’ve been spotlighting the many engaging sessions, workshops, and sponsors taking place March 31 – April 2. But, as any of you who attended last year know, ChefConf is

Joint Webinar: Automating Microsoft Azure with Chef

On March 19th we’re excited to bring together Microsoft and Chef to dig into the technical specifics outlined in our recent joint partnership announcement. Michael Ducy (@mfdii) and Steven Murawski (@stevenmurawski) of Chef will be joined by Kundana Palagiri (@KundanaP) of Microsoft to dig into what is

ChefConf Community Summit

ChefConf 2015 is just three weeks away! By now you’ve taken a look at the diverse selection of sessions and workshops scheduled for March 31-April 2 in Santa Clara. And, of course, you’ve already registered, right? So, what else is

Apply for a ChefConf 2015 Diversity Scholarship by March 13

We believe that diversity is critical in building a healthy community. One of our core goals is to help address the lack of diversity in attendees at ChefConf. What do we mean by diversity? Ashe Dryden wrote up an excellent

ChefConf Spotlight: Microsoft Sessions, Workshops & More

Last week we announced a new partnership with Microsoft, which was driven in large part by the intense demand we’re seeing in the enterprise for Chef x Azure, Chef x Powershell, and Chef x Visual Studio. When we asked past

ChefConf Talk Spotlight: A sobering journey from Parse / Facebook

We’re five weeks away from ChefConf 2015 and we’re filling seats fast, so, if you haven’t already, register today and guarantee your seat at the epicenter of DevOps. Continuing our series of spotlights on the tremendous talks, workshops, and sponsors

ChefConf Talk Spotlight: Scholastic’s Tech Transformation: Taking Servers from Pets to Cattle, Now with More Containers

Continuing our ongoing blog series highlighting all the fantastic talks, workshops, and sponsors at ChefConf 2015, today we’re focusing on our friend John Byrne from Scholastic and his talk, “Scholastic’s Tech Transformation: Taking Servers from Pets to Cattle, Now with

ChefConf Sponsor Spotlight: Careers

Continuing our series of posts about the tremendous sessions, workshop, and sponsors at ChefConf 2015, this blog is dedicated to the many career opportunities you can explore at ChefConf, including those at two of our sponsors – Target and Disney.

ChefConf Workshop Spotlight: “Building A Self-Documenting Application: A Study in Chef and Compliance”

This is a guest blog from Kevin Gilpin, CTO @ Conjur, one of our many awesome ChefConf sponsors. Kevin and his team will also be leading a workshop on March 31, detailed in the following post. When it comes to

ChefConf Talk Spotlight: “Entering the Chef Ecosystem from a Windows Background”

Hopefully by now you’ve all seen the ChefConf session guide and are as pumped for the show as we are. If you haven’t already registered, you still have until Wed., 2/4, to take advantage of early bird ticket prices. With