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Chef is throwing a Block Party for the Geekwire Summit

Chef and Geekwire have a few things in common: we’re both full-stack tech geeks, we’re both rooted in Seattle, we’re both obsessed with community building, and we’re known to play a bit of ping pong in between coding or reporting

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Making re:Invent Delightful

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner and we’re pumped for the biggest cloud event of the year. We’re bringing a full contingent of Chefs with big plans to make it a delightful and helpful event for new customers, community members, and partners.

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Nordstrom’s chefdk_bootstrap Cookbook

Introduction Nordstrom relies on Chef to manage over 6500 Linux and Windows servers in their data center and in the cloud. More and more app development teams at Nordstrom are adopting Chef to help them deliver software and manage their

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Update: Chef 12.4.3 Released

Update: We’ve just released 12.4.3, which fixes a couple of 12.4.2 regressions on Windows: The Windows chef installer was much bigger than 12.4.1 (it’s back down under 80MB). chef-client raised an error when run as a Windows service (bug) Details on

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Remediating “escaped defects” within continuous delivery

Today I’m going to share a story about an incident we had here at Chef on September 9, 2015. Normally we don’t make a public blog post about an internal-only incident, but this particular issue had some contributing factors that

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The Chef Community Summit 2015 is coming

Every October, Chef users descend upon Seattle for my favorite tech event of the year. The Community Summit is an Open Spaces format “unconference” where the participants run the show. Events like these are the heart of Open Source. The

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An update on Chef

In the Northwest we’ve gone very quickly from summer to Fall.  And what a summer it was.  In fact, 2015 is clearly shaping up to be a record year across all of our key metrics: revenue, new customers, and partnerships.

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The State of the Public Supermarket

The public Supermarket is the place to share cookbooks and other tools and plugins with the Chef community. There are more than 2400 cookbooks currently available for download on the Supermarket. Many people in our community use cookbooks from the

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What’s Up With The Chef Community Summit?

With the Chef Community Summits (Seattle and London) fast approaching, I wanted to share my experiences as a new member of the Chef community about the value of the Chef Community Summit. Last fall, I attended the Chef Community Summit

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Lets build a Minecraft Server with Chef

There are many ways to use Chef and not all of them have to be related to your day job. If you’re a fan of Minecraft you can use Chef to create a Minecraft server on Digital Ocean. The initial

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