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Chef Server 12.0.7 Released

Hello Chefs, I’m pleased to announce that Chef Server 12.0.7 is now available. Aside from some behind-the-scenes build improvements, it has two major updates over the previous release: The minimum set of Policyfile endpoints necessary to upload a policy and

Chef Client 12.2.0 Released

Ohai Chefs, Update Sat Mar 28 00:28:04 UTC 2015: Chef 12.2.0 has a regression that will prevent you from running chef-client in situations where the HOME environment variable is unset. This will likely break anybody running chef-client as a service. We are

Chef Server 12.0.6 Released

Today we’re pleased to announce that Chef Server 12.0.6 has been released. This update contains the latest OpenSSL 1.0.1m along with further bug fixes and API improvements. OpenSSL 1.0.1m While the Chef Server and other Chef products that ship with

Using Chef Supermarket: A Guided Tour

Supermarket is the Chef community’s central clearing house for sharing cookbooks, tools, and plugins. It is a place for Chef community members to download community cookbooks, collaborate on cookbooks, and upload cookbooks to be used by other community members. It

Standard Bank: Our DevOps Journey (Part 5)

This is the fifth entry in our ongoing, bi-weekly series examining our customer Standard Bank’s DevOps journey. You can read the first entry here, the second entry here, the third entry here, and the fourth entry here. Continue below for part

Chef Community Triage and Where You Can Help!

Our Triage Process The Community Engineering team, along with others in Chef engineering, have been working to triage issues that come in on our open source projects. Part of that process includes identifying and categorizing issues and assigning them to

Chef Management Console 1.11.2 Release

Manage 1.11.2 is now available from the Chef downloads site. The 1.11.1 release was supposed to have contained a fix for a bug where “localhost” would be used in the Starter Kit and knife.rb that can be downloaded. Due to a

ChefConf Spotlight: After Hours

ChefConf is officially 3 weeks away! In the past few weeks we’ve been spotlighting the many engaging sessions, workshops, and sponsors taking place March 31 – April 2. But, as any of you who attended last year know, ChefConf is

Chef Client 12.1.1 Released

Ohai Chef, We’ve just released Chef Client 12.1.1. This release includes a fixes for regressions reported from the Chef Client 12.1.0 release. Below are the list of changes: Phil Dibowitz: Issue 3008 Allow people to pass in source to package

ChefConf Community Summit

ChefConf 2015 is just three weeks away! By now you’ve taken a look at the diverse selection of sessions and workshops scheduled for March 31-April 2 in Santa Clara. And, of course, you’ve already registered, right? So, what else is