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Rocket Science with OpenWhere, Ostrato and Chef

This is a guest post by Brock Spalding, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ostrato On March 12th we’re excited to bring together OpenWhere, Chef and Ostrato on a webinar to discuss how this geospatial analytics startup is able to compete in the hyper-competitive

ChefConf Spotlight: Microsoft Sessions, Workshops & More

Last week we announced a new partnership with Microsoft, which was driven in large part by the intense demand we’re seeing in the enterprise for Chef x Azure, Chef x Powershell, and Chef x Visual Studio. When we asked past

Standard Bank: Our DevOps Journey (Pt. 4)

This is the fourth entry in our ongoing, bi-weekly series examining our customer Standard Bank’s DevOps journey. You can read the first entry here, the second entry here and the third entry here. Continue below for part four. This post

Chef Management Console 1.11.0 Release

Manage 1.11.0 is now available from the Chef downloads site. This release includes fixes for reporting dashboard errors, changes to make running Manage behind a load balancer more usable, and various other bug fixes and improvements. As always you can see the

Bento Box Update for CentOS and Fedora

This is not urgent, but you may encounter SSL verification errors when using vagrant directly, or vagrant through test kitchen. Special Thanks to Joe Damato of Package Cloud for spending his time debugging this issue with me the other day.

ChefConf Talk Spotlight: A sobering journey from Parse / Facebook

We’re five weeks away from ChefConf 2015 and we’re filling seats fast, so, if you haven’t already, register today and guarantee your seat at the epicenter of DevOps. Continuing our series of spotlights on the tremendous talks, workshops, and sponsors

Pauly Comtois: My DevOps Story (Pt. 3)

This post concludes our bi-weekly blog series on Awesome Chef Paul Comtois’ DevOps Story. You can read the final part below, while part one is here and part two is here. Thank you to Pauly for sharing his tale with

IBM InterConnect and Chef

This week our friends at IBM are hosting their InterConnect 2015 conference and we’re pleased to announce expanding (and existing) support for a wide variety of their products. IBM is synonymous with the Enterprise and they have embraced Chef in

Cookbook Caching

If you’re configuring cookbook s3 URL TTL in your chef-server.rb configuration file (opscode_erchef['s3_url_ttl']), then you’ve been creating cookbook URLs that expire that many (28800 by default) seconds from “now” (i.e. the time of the request), which is great for Chef

Chef 12.1.0 chef_gem resource warnings

Apologies for the new Warn SPAM Chef 12.1.0 will be released shortly and commits have been merged to master which will result in the following warning banners being output for all uses of the chef_gem: [2015-02-17T23:59:35+00:00] WARN: chef_gem[fpm] chef_gem compile_time