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Chef Community Summit – London

This year’s Chef Community Summit in London will be held November 3 and 4 and we hope to see you there.  Registration is open now, read on for more details. This marks our second Chef Community Summit in Europe.  This

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It was early April, and I arrived in Santa Clara in the days preceding ChefConf 2015. Levi’s Stadium and the surrounding area was filled with 125,000 wrestling fans. There were seven matches on the main card. The Undertaker contested his

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Chef Workflow at CenturyLink Cloud

Matt Wrock is a Principal Software Engineer at CenturyLink Cloud, where he works on data center automation. Many of you are already familiar with Matt from his blog Hurry Up and Wait! Matt writes about many aspects of software engineering,

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Chef at the 2015 Red Hat Summit

Please join Chef this week in Boston at the 2015 Red Hat Summit! This is your chance to learn more about Red Hat’s plans for not just Red Hat Enterprise Linux but the many other open source products they work

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Chef Server 12.1.0 RC3 Now Available

Ohai Chefs, We’re pleased to announce that Chef Server 12.1.0 RC3 is now available for download. RC3 is the follow-up to RC1, which we announced on May 28th. What’s New Since RC1 Erlang 17: We’ve upgraded the Erlang distribution that

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Chef’s Product team is pleased to announce the launch of, our new site for collecting and responding to product feedback.  The site hosts three feedback forums, one each for Chef, Analytics and Delivery.  The Delivery forum is currently invite-only

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oc-id on Chef Server: An Introduction

Ever used oc-id with Chef Analytics or Chef Supermarket? Read on for information on how it works! What is oc-id? oc-id is a Chef authentication/authorization service. It allows you to use your Chef Server account credentials to access other applications.

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Chef brings DevOps to Cisco Live

This week the Chef team is at Cisco’s biggest customer event of the year, Cisco Live in San Diego! We’ve joined 20,000+ attendees to learn more about Cisco’s products and roadmap and to meet with users, operators and developers who are interested

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Chef Server 12.1.0-rc.1 Now Available

Ohai Chefs! I’m pleased to announce that Chef Server 12.1.0-rc.1 is now available for download. Here are some of this release’s highlights: Significant performance improvements. Policyfiles and cookbook artifacts are complete and are enabled by default. Server API Versioning: API

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Omnibus-ctl: What is it and what can it do for you?

Are you building software with Chef Omnibus? Do your packages need to run multiple runit services? Then Omnibus-ctl may be for you! Omnibus-ctl is a massively useful tool you can use to run common commands in Chef Omnibus packages. What is

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