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What’s Up With The Chef Community Summit?

With the Chef Community Summits (Seattle and London) fast approaching, I wanted to share my experiences as a new member of the Chef community about the value of the Chef Community Summit. Last fall, I attended the Chef Community Summit

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Lets build a Minecraft Server with Chef

There are many ways to use Chef and not all of them have to be related to your day job. If you’re a fan of Minecraft you can use Chef to create a Minecraft server on Digital Ocean. The initial

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Chef Analytics 1.1.6 Released

Ohai Chefs, We are pleased to announce that Chef Analytics 1.1.6 is now available. This is a bug fix release; details of the issues resolved are provided below. Fixes Data was not appearing in the nodes view for organizations having

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Join us at VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 kicks of in San Francisco, CA, on August 31, and your #cheffriends will be out in force. Visit us at booth 2523 to talk Chef, automation, DevOps, and, of course, share some #hugops. We’re also participating in a

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Chef and DevOps at JustGiving

JustGiving is the world’s largest fundraising platform. In the last twelve months, JustGiving has helped tens of millions of people raise over $700,000,000 dollars. This post describes how JustGiving uses Chef and DevOps to help manage its infrastructure and create

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Just Arrived – Supermarket 2.0.0!

Greetings fellow Cheffians! I am happy to report that we have just released Supermarket 2.0.0! The Supermarket – both the public and private versions – continues to evolve to the needs of the Chef community. As you might guess from

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Notes from the Lab: Community Cookbooks Survey Results

In the final post in our series on the Community Cookbooks Survey, we turn it over to Nicole to report the results. To catch up on how the project began and the science behind it, see these posts here and

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Chef Community: Engage with and learn from Chef practitioners

The Chef Community is a group of professionals interested in building and operating high velocity organizations. This is a diverse community with representation from many different backgrounds, levels of experience, and geographies. The community includes people who are just now

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Notes from the Lab: Developing and Validating the Community Cookbooks Survey

This is the second in a series of posts that tell the behind-the-scenes story of the Chef Community Cookbooks Survey—how the project began, the science behind it, and what the results showed. In this post, we talk to Dr. Nicole

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Notes from the Lab: The Chef Community Cookbooks Survey

At ChefConf 2015, members of the Chef community received an invitation to participate in the Chef Community Cookbooks Survey. The survey was designed by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Chef’s Director of Organizational Performance and Analytics, who is also a recognized expert

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