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ChefConf 2016 – Build. Deliver. Delight.

If you’ve been to ChefConf before, you know it’s not your typical tech conference. If you haven’t, this is your year. Our annual get together is like a huge family reunion open to everyone that celebrates a vibrant and passionate

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OpenSSL Vulnerability CVE-2016-0701 and Chef

On January 28th, 2016, the OpenSSL team released a new high severity security advisory. Simultaneous to the publication of this new high severity security advisory, the OpenSSL team also made available new versions of the OpenSSL code containing fixes for

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Chef Vault – what is it and what can it do for you?

Have you ever wondered how you would deal with secrets – i.e. API keys, database passwords, and more – within a configuration management framework? Although data bags are incredibly useful for storing global variables to use in your Chef recipes,

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Chef Reporting Release 1.5.6

Ohai Chefs, We are pleased to announce that Chef Reporting 1.5.6 is now available. This release fixes a few bugs including critical functionality for 2016 partitions in the reporting database. The data is currently collected in 2016 partitions in the 1.5.5 reporting

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A Supermarket of Your Own: Running a Private Supermarket

A little bit of history… When Chef unveiled Supermarket in 2014 it was intended to be a public community cookbooks site where Chef Community Members could browse cookbooks from anywhere. We were honored that it was received so well! However,

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Chef Board of Governance – Election Results

The votes are in and we have elected our final members for the Chef Board of Governance (CBGB). We will be meeting on a quarterly basis to provide input and formal recommendations regarding the project scope. Please join me in

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Chef Client 12.6.0 Release Announcement

Ohai Chefs, ChefSalim here, excited to be bringing you tidings of joy with a release announcement for Chef Client 12.6.0! The happy elves at the Chef Toy Workshop have been hard at work crafting, polishing and shining all the little

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Collaborator Groups on Supermarket

What is it? Collaborator Groups are a new way to manage cookbook collaborators in Supermarket. With this feature you can now create groups of collaborators and associate that group with a cookbook or tool. When you add a new member

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Managing Red Hat Subscriptions with Chef

Keeping your Red Hat systems patched is critical, and registering your nodes with Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM) or a Red Hat Satellite is the first step. Frequently, users will handle the registration manually or bake it in to their

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Chef Community Cookbooks with AWS OpsWorks Chef 12

AWS OpsWorks is an application management service that makes it easy to deploy and operate applications of all shapes and sizes. OpsWorks supports Chef recipes for automating these services. With the release of OpsWorks Chef 12 for Linux, namespace conflicts have

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