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Hosted Chef Service Degradation Incident

Hosted Chef Reporting API Increased Error Rates On January 29th from 07:17 – 15:00 UTC, users may have seen 404 errors being logged at the end of successful chef-client runs as the client attempted to send a run report to

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Hosted Chef Service Interruptions

On Friday, April 17th Hosted Chef experienced an average error rate of approximately 30% for a period of 4 hours followed by intermittent brief periods of similar error rates until April 22nd. These incidents resulted in the majority of chef-client

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Hosted Chef oc-id Partial Failure

On Thursday, March 26th Hosted Chef experienced a degradation in service where logging into oc-id, Hosted Chef’s identify service, periodically failed. This failure meant that it was difficult to login into Supermarket, Hosted Chef’s profile page, and oc-id itself, since

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Chef Management Console Released to Hosted Enterprise Chef

Chef Manage has now replaced the original management console in Hosted Enterprise Chef! It represents a complete reworking of the online Chef experience, bring more usability, power, and functionality to manage your infrastructure from the browser than ever before. Improvements

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Important Hosted Chef Security Notice

Dear Customers, On Wednesday morning we became aware of a misconfiguration of an exception handler for the Hosted Chef Management Console that caused username and password information for a small subset of our users to be leaked via email internally

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Improving Our Billing System

Yesterday we gave a brief update on our new billing system and related process that was admittedly short on detail. In response to a number of inquiries, here are three important things to know about how we currently offer Enterprise

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Upcoming Webinar with Adobe: Managing AWS Infrastructure with Enterprise Chef

Are you interested in learning about how you can use Chef to manage Amazon Web Services infrastructure at scale from the ground up?  We will be having a webinar with the folks from Adobe, who built a huge presence in the

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Awesome Chefs – Infochimps Iron(fan)s Enterprise Big Data Stacks w/Chef

Infochimps helps some of the world’s biggest companies make sense of and then act on their troves of data. The Infochimps Cloud delivers Big Data systems with unprecedented speed, simplicity, scale, and flexibility to enterprise companies. What’s that mean for

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Introducing Enterprise Chef

What’s in a name? Turns out, a lot. Today we announced that Private Chef and Hosted Chef are now renamed to Enterprise Chef™ offered both as on-premise software and as a hosted service. So what? In the past year, our

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Awesome Chefs – BlueKai’s development and operations teams learn to work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively

You may have heard of BlueKai. They’re a mover-and-shaker in “big data”, giving marketers, agencies, and organizations of all types a SaaS platform for ‘activating data’. In other words, BlueKai is a team of very smart people running hyper-intelligent software

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