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Managing Users and SSH Keys in a Hybrid World

Managing users is one of the contrived (but applicable) examples we use in Chef Fundamentals training to help onboard new Chefs to the idea of writing data-driven cookbooks. Whenever I run a training class, I typically end that module by

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Community Cookbooks

Earlier this month we held the third annual Opscode Community Summit. There, we shared some lessons we’ve learned about publishing and maintaining community cookbooks. For those that could not be there, we’d like to share them with you as well.

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Chef for OpenStack in Boston and NYC

What better way to start 2013 than getting involved with Chef for OpenStack in Boston and New York City? We’ve got 3 free events and they’re all filling fast: January 22:Chef for OpenStack Hack Day – Boston January 22:Chef-BOSTON Meetup:

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Opscode & Appfirst – Full Stack Automation Meets Full Stack Visibility

Companies that adopt Chef across their full stack, from “bare metal” through application deployment, sometimes feel pretty darn powerful. Chef is fantastic at taking your desired infrastructure outcomes and making them happen– scale with little effort, build and rebuild infrastructure,

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Announcing Chef for OpenStack Folsom

Chef for OpenStack provides a centralized, defined collection of code and best practices for using Chef to create and automate entire OpenStack infrastructures, as well as to launch entire application stacks on top of OpenStack clouds.

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Test Kitchen 0.6.0 Released

We have released version 0.6.0 of Test Kitchen. Thanks to Eric Wolfe, this release decouples RVM, so runtimes must be specified explicitly to run integration tests. We felt that this would be the least surprising thing for the most common

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The History of Chef – What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered how Chef got its name? Or why the heck Chef was created in the first place? We’ve got answers for you. Or, more specifically, Adam Jacob, who you all know as Opscode’s co-founder and the creator of Chef,

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Cookbook Releases

A few weeks ago, we migrated the opscode/cookbooks repository to separate repositories per-cookbook in a new organization on GitHub. We have already received more than 50 pull requests! Thank you for your contributions and participation. You are all awesome. While

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Open Source Training Materials

In July, 2010, we announced Opscode Open Training, providing free availability to open source Chef training materials under a Creative Commons Share-alike license. To date, more than a thousand people have signed up for the materials. We have conducted several

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Automate All The Things!!! – Video of Jesse Robbins’ Keynote @ Cloud Connect

Slides Video & the “Automate All the Things!” from Jesse Robbins’ Cloud Connect Keynote.

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