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ICYMI | Chef DOJO: Your DevOps Journey Assessment

On Tuesday, February 2nd, I co-presented a live webinar on the Chef DevOps Journey Assessment or DOJO with Thomas Enochs, VP Customer Success. The DOJO is an exercise Chef developed to help companies get better results from their DevOps adoption.

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Automate to Migrate on Channel 9

Fully embracing the power of the Chef ecosystem has had a tremendous impact in allowing people to continuously deliver your infrastructure no matter where it lives. With Chef being cloud agnostic as to where it is deployed, it allows people

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Chef Delivery: A Guided Tour

Chef Delivery accelerates the adoption of continuous delivery and encourages DevOps collaboration. It provides a proven, reproducible workflow for managing changes as they progress from a developer’s workstation, through a series of automated tests, and out into production. In this

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Static Analysis: Improving the quality and consistency of your cookbooks

Every time we make changes to our cookbooks we are introducing risk. We can stop making changes to reduce the risk OR we can adopt new practices, like linting and testing, to help us manage that risk. Linting tools provide

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Custom Resources in Chef Client 12.5

On October 28, 2015, Chef Principal Engineer John Keiser presented a webinar on Custom Resources in Chef Client 12.5. John introduced the concept of the custom resource, explained why you would want to write one, introduced the language concepts, and walked through

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Chef Policies: Why, What, and How

On Wednesday, September 30th, software engineer Joshua Timberman presented a webinar on Chef Policies, a new feature of Chef. Policies combine the best parts of roles, environments, and client-side dependency resolvers such as Berkshelf into a single, easy-to-use workflow. By using

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Test Kitchen: Your Development Feedback Factory

Test Kitchen makes it easy for you to test cookbooks on a variety of platforms. With Test Kitchen, you can quickly create test nodes, converge them, and then run tests against them to verify their state. In this recorded webcast, Chef

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Get the Most From Chef: Analytics, Provisioning, and More

Earlier today, Chef Automation Engineer, Galen Emery, presented a webinar on how to “Get the Most From Chef” with some of our newest features. Chef Analytics: Do you have compliance or audit requirements? Get real-time visibility into what’s happening on the

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Darwin, Dodd-Frank and the Lean Enterprise

What are the biggest ideas that will shape 21st Century companies? Opinions vary, but here’s my nomination for the top three: Natural Selection. The basic idea is that, over many iterations, the fittest are selected, and the weak wither away.

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Delivery Readiness: Preparing your team for Chef Delivery

Yesterday we held a webinar on Delivery Readiness: Preparing your team for Chef Delivery. We briefly defined Continuous Delivery, talked about the values that CD adds to an organization and how Chef Delivery fits in that picture. The focus of the

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