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When it comes to monitoring and centralizing logs for the HA environment of Progress Chef Automate, the ELK stack emerges as an invaluable companion.

Akshay Parvatikar

The Progress Chef team is thrilled about the upcoming year. During ChefConf ‘23, we heard from guests about bringing the event to other locations. And we're excited to bring that energy to different cities worldwide for our newest event: Chef Roadshow 2024.

Piyushree Nagrale

Leveraging Chef Automate HA alongside a monitoring solution, such as Datadog, gives organizations peace of mind that the solution optimizes infrastructure performance at scale to grow the business.

Akshay Parvatikar

Progress Chef Automate HA with AWS CloudWatch gives automate and compliance teams the necessary redundancy and visibility to successfully operate the solution. This blog will highlight some of the AWS CloudWatch features that can be enabled to provide the essential observability of the Chef infrastructure.

Akshay Parvatikar

This blog is a practical guide to help you implement Progress Chef Automate HA for AWS Managed Services.

Akshay Parvatikar

The Executive Chef Certification is an advanced certification provided under the Learn Chef Certify program. Practitioners with deep and extensive experience with Progress Chef in architecting, operations writing cookbooks, pipelines, Chef InSpec and troubleshooting are good candidates to write this exam. This article is a personal account of the journey of achieving this certification.

Ankit Soni

This blog provides awareness and guidance about system hardening and its critical importance in achieving and maintaining IT compliance.

Shua Matin

This blog post showcases how Progress Chef InSpec profiles and AWS Systems Manager (SSM) can be used to better support security and compliance within an air-gapped AWS Cloud environment.

Balasubramanian S

Choosing a compliance automation software based on your company’s requirements and IT complexity can be daunting. Especially when there are many players in the market. We have assembled a list of seven key points that you can asses to find the right fit based on your organization's regulatory requirements and IT complexity.

Smitha Ravindran