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Guidelines on how to start using Waivers.

Akshay Parvatikar

Learn the different ways Chef Cloud Security scans, monitors and remediates configuration issues in multi-cloud accounts across cloud-native environments.

Doug Barney

We are migrating our Elastic Search to Open Search on This blog post covers the details about the impact and our maintenance window.

Mark Cavins

OpenShift is a Kubernetes-based platform that helps developers build and deploy containerized applications; it also helps manage development workflows and the entire application lifecycle. While the OpenShift platform has several built-in security features, organizations still need to implement checks and controls to ensure the security of workloads and clusters. In this blog post, we discuss OpenShift - the functionality and security it offers, and how Chef can be used to reinforce OpenShift container security.

Kameerath Abdul Kareem

This blog explains how you can apply the different features of Chef InSpec to ensure that security and compliance standards are enforced consistently in every environment.

Shua Matin

The new Automate HA release brings a ton of enhancements that will make your experience better. Read to learn more.

Ankur Mundhra Vivek Yadav Anugraha Benjamin

The primary objective of IT automation is to make processes related to infrastructure faster, more secure and error-free. Chef SaaS enables you to automate your IT infrastructure with the power of the cloud. Now, all your favorite Chef tools are available as SaaS. No setup hassles, no maintenance and no extra resources required. Read on to learn more.

Anugraha Benjamin Smitha Ravindran

With ChefConf coming up, attendees (or potential attendees) may have questions regarding their experience at our premier DevOps conference.

Piyushree Nagrale

If you are thinking of attending this year’s ChefConf, you won’t want to miss who is going to be speaking at our various panels and breakout sessions.

Piyushree Nagrale