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Encouraging users to switch from ChefDK to Chef Workstation, this blog explores why and how it can be done.

Sarthak Vasal

Progress Chef’s ‘Policy as Code’ approach has changed how organizations configure infrastructure and define compliance policies. Chef SaaS includes a version of Chef Automate that brings the Policy-as-Code approach to the cloud along with Chef Infra and Chef Compliance.

Anugraha Benjamin
ChefConf '23

Read more about the reasons why you should speak at upcoming ChefConf '23.

Piyushree Nagrale

A high-level overview of the recognitions received in this year’s G2 Spring Awards.

Advaita Karthik

Progress Chef and AWS have a solid and deep relationship that cuts across multiple aspects of the Progress business, which drives our combined commitment to our customers. In this blog, we will discuss the options AWS OpsWorks users can explore to continue leveraging Chef products to manage their infrastructure.

Jnanankur Ghosh

This blog briefly explains how Chef InSpec Parallel helps in managing scale and auto- remediation of compliance issues.

Shua Matin

Read more about the new version of Chef Automate that will be released in the early June 2023, which includes an upgrade to Golang 1.19.

Nischal Reddy

Guidelines on how to get started Chef Cloud security with GCP.

Akshay Parvatikar

What is Kubernetes Security Posture Management, and how is it helpful

Jacob George