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Read more about how Chef democratizes DevOps with a way to configure, deliver, and manage from any cloud to any edge that is secure and compliant.

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Progress Chef announced that its automation solutions are recognized by G2 as a leading technology in its respective space and took home 11 badges.

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Guidelines on how to install Chef servers on single host and on two standalone machines.

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Read more about Progress Chef's top-read blogs of 2022 and it's excellent thought leadership content.

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Download the 2022 Gartner Report and find out how Chef solutions enable DevOps teams to automate workflows, reduce complexity with application development and deliver increased security.

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Access Chef Premium Content for compliance scanning and remediation across a range of enterprise assets seamlessly

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GigaOm has recognized Chef as a Policy as Code industry leader. Read on to learn about the research firm's findings and how Chef can drive your compliance and security success.

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OpenSSL Vulnerability

You need to know about OpenSSL version 3.0.7 released by the OpenSSL Foundation.

Progress Chef

A new version of Chef Infra Client is now generally available for adoption

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