Corporate Logo


The Chef logo means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is an emblem championing open source software and its community. It is a seal of quality and a stamp of approval from the company. Therefore it should be used proudly, consistently, and with great meaning.

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Product Wordmarks


There are three acceptable layouts for the Chef logo. The horizontal logo should be used in thinner, horizontal layouts, such as banners or headers. The vertical logo should be used in longer, vertical layouts, such as printed collateral. Additionally, the circular mark and the name must always appear together.



The product wordmarks are available in both horizontal and vertical, stacked formats. The horizontal versions are preferred and should be used in most all cases. Please contact the Chef creative team if you feel you need to use a vertical layout. 



Standard Horizontal Logo

The standard Chef logo and product wordmarks are for use on white and light colored backgrounds.


Use the inverse logo and product wordmarks when a dark background is present.


Use the white logo on dark or colored backgrounds when neither the standard or inverse logo work.

White Space

White space surrounding the Chef logo must be at least the height and width of the CHEF “C” in all directions.

Brand Colors


Chef Orange
Pantone 2012 C
RGB: 239 150 0
HEX: EF9600
CMYK: 0 45 100 0


Chef Orange
Pantone 283 C
RGB:146 193 233
HEX: 92C1E9
CMYK: 42 9 0 0


Chef Orange
Pantone Cool Gray 10 C
RGB: 99 102 106
HEX: 63666A
CMYK: 40 30 20 66


Chef Orange
Pantone 7545 C
RGB: 66 85 99
HEX: 425563
CMYK: 58 32 18 54


Chef Orange
Pantone Cool Gray 6 C
RGB: 167 168 170
CMYK: 16 11 11 27


Light Grey width=
Pantone Cool Gray 1 C
RGB: 217 217 214
CMYK: 4 2 4 8


Chef Orange
Basis White
RGB: 255 255 255
CMYK: 0 0 0 0


Tungsten Bold

This typeface is for short, impactful headlines, statements and core brand messages. For example, “Do Change.” We use this sparingly on the website and mainly for email graphics, social media images, and in environmental design.

Tungsten Bold

Avenir Next Bold 

Can be used for support headlines and information. For example: The sub-headlines on our website. Product and service titles, and sub-headlines on a web/print ad.

Avenir Next Bold

Avenir Next Regular

Can be used when setting longer bodies of copy. For example: the paragraph copy on our website, white papers, or the paragraph copy of a web/print ad.

Avenir Next Regular

Company Boilerplate

Chef, is the leader in DevOps, driving collaboration through code to automate infrastructure, security, compliance and applications. Chef provides a single path to production making it faster and safer to add value to applications and meet the demands of the customer. Deployed broadly in production by the Global 5000 and used by more than half of the Fortune 500, Chef develops 100 percent of its software as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Chef Enterprise Automation Stack™, a commercial distribution, is developed solely from that open source code and unifies security, compliance, infrastructure and application automation with observability. Chef provides an unequaled developer experience for the Coded Enterprise by enabling users to express infrastructure, security policies and the application lifecycle as code, modernizing development, packaging and delivery of any application to any platform. For more information, visit and follow @chef.