Chef Progress Primary Logo

Chef Brand

The Chef logo means a lot of things to a lot of people. It is an emblem championing open source software and its community. It is a seal of quality and a stamp of approval from the company. Therefore it should be used proudly, consistently, and with great meaning.

Chef Progress Primary Logo

Primary logo

Should be used whenever possible. Do not use on dark backgrounds.

Chef Progress Primary Logo Alternate

Primary logo alternate

For use when dark gray is applied as a background color.

Chef Primary Logo Alternate

Secondary logo

For use when the primary alternate version cannot be used on color backgrounds.

Chef Primary Logo Alternate

Secondary alternate

For use when the primary wordmark cannot be reproduced effectivey (e.g., color restrictions on print, physical environmental applications, foiling).

The stacked Chef logo

A stacked version of the brandmark may be used when space limitations do not permit correct use of the primary horizontal version.

Preferably the logo should be centered because of the alignment of the components in it.

Minimum size
To avoid poor reproduction on screen and print, the brandmark should appear no smaller than 110px or 1 inch in height.


Chef Orange
RGB 239.150.0
HEX #EF9600
PMS 2012

Chef Blue
RGB 67.85.99
HEX #425563
PMS 7545

Progress Green
RGB 92.229.0
HEX #5CE500
PMS 375

Progress Gray
RGB 75.78.82
HEX #4B4E52
PMS Cool Gray 11

Clear Space

The product brandmark has a clear space to prevent it from being crowded by other visual elements. The clear space is based on 100% of the “C” character.

Chef Progress Horizontal
Chef Progress Vertical