Chef Enterprise Automation Stack ranked as Leader in the Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps Platforms 2021

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Kisaco recently reviewed DevOps platform vendors according to three dimensions: technical features, market execution and strategy, and market revenue. Progress has been ranked as one of two leaders in the Kisaco Leadership Chart (KLC), for the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack.

[Quote from the report] “Chef has a history of bringing automation into DevOps, and it is now focusing more deeply into application delivery and automated compliance across three groups: security operations, infrastructure operations, and application operations.”

The Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) is comprised of four workload-aligned products:

  • Chef Infrastructure Management
  • Chef App Delivery
  • Chef Compliance
  • Chef Desktop

Download the KLC DevOps report to learn how the Chef product portfolio can benefit your organization.

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