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Scaling and Securing Infrastructure
Handling Billions of Requests a Day

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The overall business goal at AppLovin is to help developers get discovered in a competitive landscape. To do this, they need a robust infrastructure that can securely handle billions of requests per day and can securely and reliably scale across the environment. 


Use Chef to automate as many processes as possible and to increase security across the board. Develop a consistent test-driven approach for automating and deploying a diverse set of applications and environments. 


Applovin is now able to automate their infrastructure, ensuring that systems can adapt and move fast enough to handle the growing needs of the company. They have also been able to:

  • Increase node initialization procedures and other operations by tenfold
  • Enable AppLovin to secure its infrastructure with little to no overhead
  • Chef’s flexibility around domain languages allowed them to build custom plug-ins and up-level their work

About AppLovin

Industry Technology

AppLovin helps mobile game developers connect with billions of global users each month so they can get discovered. They provide solutions for mobile game developers to monetize, publish, understand, and grow their businesses—all in one place. Developers use AppLovin’s platform and powerful analytics tools to acquire new users and improve profitability.

“We tested several solutions but found that Chef fits our needs the best. We like it for its features, ease of use, and the community behind it.”

Joseph Milla
Operations Engineer, AppLovin

Scaling and Securing Infrastructure

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