DevOps: Combining the right tools and culture to innovate rapidly

Chef Automate is designed to transform a DevOps culture into a DevOps practice that ships software continuously.

Do you think DevOps is about the tools your teams use? Think again. True DevOps success comes from building a culture where you truly eliminate the spaces between your development and operations teams.

Support the Release Pipeline With Chef Automation

DevOps tools aren’t the core of DevOps culture, but DevOps needs the right tools to transform the DevOps attitude into actions. Chef Automate lets your DevOps teams automate across the development, deployment, and compliance functions, providing a common language to support communication and collaboration.

Built on Chef for infrastructure automation, habitat for application automation, and InSpec for compliance automation, Chef Automate enables continuous automation that crosses departments and functions and works for your oldest legacy systems and your newest cloud deployments, scaling as you grow.

With those functions, continuous automation and your DevOps team enhance your software deployments with:

  • velocity
  • scalability
  • consistency

Taken together, the Chef Automation platform enables building, deploying, and managing infrastructure, applications, and compliance in a high-velocity IT environment where DevOps never stops improving the way software is delivered.

Chef Shifts The Focus From Tools To Culture

Chef’s technology helps turn a DevOps culture into a DevOps practice, using:

  • automation to eliminate error-prone manual processes, speed up deployments, and ensure standardized environments
  • version control to make the history of changes transparent and traceable
  • service oriented architecture to independently scale and deploy services as needed
  • open source software to customize solutions to meet team needs
  • cloud-based infrastructure as a service to access infrastructure on demand as needed, without guesstimating capacity needs in advance

The DevOps tools you use become less important. With this culture, your development, operations, and compliance teams effectively communicate and collaborate, creating a lean process that gets software into production quickly and reliably. The ROI for the business? A competitive advantage that benefits your bottom line.