Release notes: Chef InSpec 4.26.4

New Features

  • You can now directly refer to settings in the nginx_conf resource using the its syntax. Thanks @rgeissert! (#5285)
  • You can now specify the shell type for WinRM connections using the --winrm-shell-type option. Thanks @catriona1! (#5263)
  • Plugin settings can now be set programmatically. Thanks @tecracer-theinen! (#5393)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the oracledb_session to use more general invocation options. Thanks @pacopal! (#5193)
  • Fixed an error with the http resource when packaged with Chef Infra Client by including faraday_middleware in the gemspec. (#5391)
  • Fixed an incompatibility between parslet and toml when used with Chef Infra. (#5394)
  • Improved programmatic plugin configuration. (#5395)