Release notes: Chef InSpec 5.22.3

New Features


The train-kubernetes plugin now ships with Chef InSpec. This plugin allows you to perform compliance checks with the Kubernetes API. (#6512)

See the documentation on train plugins for more information about using train with Chef InSpec. See the train-kubernetes repository for more information on train-kubernetes.

New resources

Added the new nftables InSpec audit resource. This allows you to test IP packet filtering rules that are defined with nftables. (#6499)


  • Added support to the postgres_session resource for custom ports with a socket connection to the . (#6494)



Added support for installing Chef InSpec on RHEL 9. Scanning support already existed. (#6403)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a profile gem dependency loading issue when a dependent gem is required inside profile libraries. (#6408)
  • Fix for when a version of a profile dependency is specified that doesn't follow SemVer format. (6410)
  • Fix for configuring headers in the http resource on Windows using remote transport. (#6484)
  • Fix for host resource to resolve multiple IP addresses on Windows. (#6481)