Chef and Google Compute Platform:
Ready to Scale


Chef and Google Compute Platform (GCP) make a powerful team. When the two are combined, Chef makes sure that enterprises can take advantage of all of GCP’s features.

GCP provides the high-speed and high-performance public cloud that allows enterprises to migrate, manage, and scale any workload. With Chef, you can manage those workloads and tens of thousands of servers while taking full advantage of Google’s massive, sophisticated infrastructure.

With Chef Automate and Google’s fast and flexible platform, you can implement a DevOps workflow and build continuous delivery pipelines at any scale.

Knife Plugin for Google

Create, bootstrap and manage Linux and Windows servers and associated storage on Google Compute Engine (GCE) with Chef’s knife plugin for Google.

Google Compute Engine (GCE) Cookbook

The GCE cookbook makes managing disks, firewalls, load balancers and many other native GCP resources a part of your Chef workflow.


Customer Success

“Prior to deploying Hosted Chef we did everything manually. It generally took me a couple of weeks to get access to the servers I needed and at least a day to add a new developer. With Chef, I can now add a couple of developers within 20 minutes. Additionally, when we set up a new ad serving system with data bags, the set-up time goes from two to three days to an hour.”

Ian Meyer 
Technical Ops Manager 
Google AdMeld 


Fast, Flexible and Scalable IT

Chef helps you adopt the practices of web innovators with an architecture that supports modern trends in IT automation:

  • High scalability. Manage 10,000+ VMs with a single Chef server, or use Chef’s SaaS option
  • Advanced workflow. Use Chef to implement best practices such as A/B testing and test-driven infrastructure.
  • Flexible, policy-based configuration. Easily define recipes for complex cloud use cases and for enterprise application delivery. The Chef server stores and indexes the attributes of each node in your network for dynamic configuration.
  • Reusable recipes. Reuse recipes with custom data for specific situations. Chef lets you separate configuration policy from configuration state.
  • Service-oriented interface for customization. All of Chef’s functionality is exposed through consistent REST APIs. This gives you tremendous flexibility when designing custom workflows.

How to use Chef with GCE

Watch this Google and Chef demo from ChefConf.