IT Automation Works Best When It’s Continuous Automation

You can automate individual projects and teams all you want, but to achieve high-velocity IT, you need continuous automation across your organization.

DevOps, with its continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment, aims to cut down on delays and miscommunications in the software development process. Automation helps standardize environments, reduce errors, and streamline deployment procedures. But these methods focus on discrete tasks that make up the process for each project. Organizational silos, disconnects, and discontinuities still slow things down.

Chef Automate gives your IT team not just a build and deploy platform, but a collaboration platform.

Built on top of Chef for infrastructure automation, Habitat for application automation, and InSpec for compliance automation, your team’s build, deploy, and manage functions don’t stand in isolation. They support collaboration through workflow, integration, and tooling that means are no longer juncture points that bring projects to a stop. Work flows through to completion, continuously, and the enterprise reaps the benefits, continuously.

Why Continuous Automation Matters

What businesses really need to streamline and speed up their projects isn’t IT automation focused on individual projects and work teams. They need continuous automation that breaks silos and jumps across the disconnects and discontinuities. With continuous automation, the entire project team uses the same tools, no matter the security and compliance needs of the project, no matter whether the deployment target is the legacy data center or the cloud.

With continuous automation, you don’t get separate processes that are continuously executed; you get a continuous enterprise where all processes flow into each other, leading to non-stop ability to take advantage of business opportunities.

Continuous automation gives companies an advantage with respect to:


the speed with which they make software changes multiple times per day.

efficiency and effectiveness

the efficiency and effectiveness of their software changes

risk and quality

the risk and quality of their software changes

Chef Automate Makes IT Automation Part of Your Entire Enterprise

Achieving continuous automation requires tools that work for your entire IT team, top to bottom and end-to-end. Chef Automation makes your enterprise continuous across processes, teams, and platforms. You’ll speed up development, deployment, and enhancement without sacrificing control. Chef Automation optimizes Agile, Lean, and DevOps (ALDO) through automation that crosses boundaries. The whole team can communicate, collaborate, coordinate, and complete tasks together. Using Chef Automate for their work, your team will:

  • build faster with consistent processes that ensure code is matched to infrastructure
  • deploy faster with reusable packages
  • manage change through testing that validates compliance and reporting that offers real insight into speed, efficiency, and risk
  • collaborate with transparency while executing workflows that maintain separation of duties

Companies that have an integrated process between IT and development reduce unplanned work, freeing them up to spend more time innovating and building new features.

With this continuous automation, you’ll achieve high velocity IT with measurable results.

Expect automation to offer an ROI of up to:

5x revenue growth

8x profitability growth

2x shareholder return growth

Research from McKinsey shows that they deliver significantly faster growth and higher returns than their peers.