Chef Partner Certification Program

Put the Chef brand, expertise, and DevOps leadership behind your practice

Becoming a Chef Certified Partner puts the Chef brand and its leadership position in automation tools, DevOps practices, and Continuous Delivery patterns behind your practice. The program leverages our individual certification program to determine if a your employees have the requisite skills to deliver a Chef Professional Services Engagement. Partner certification is for existing partners only. If you are not a partner, please enroll here

The Essentials for Becoming a Chef Certified Partner

  1. Achieve Chef Practitioner Certifications*:

    • Chef Certified Developers on staff who understand customizing Chef, developing plugins, creating custom resources, advanced troubleshooting, etc.
    • Chef Certified Solutions Architects on staff who understand Chef Style DevOps Kung Fu, Continuous Delivery workflows, have achieved the accreditations above, and understand how to leverage these collective skills to ensure customer success.

      View Certification Curriculum

  2. Establish an Alliance Manager and a Technical Practice Manager:

    • Technical Practice Manager to join a “ride along” with Chef Consulting
  3. Participate in the Chef Community:

    • Host or attend an active Chef or DevOps Meetup Group
    • Attend ChefConf, including the Partner Summit (for the Alliance Manager)
    • Attend a Chef Community Summit.  A must for all Technical Practice Managers, but we encourage additional technical personnel to join.

*Chef’s requirements for Practitioner Certifications varies by organizational structure and size.

Get Started on Your Path to Certification

Please contact your Partner Manager for more information and next steps.