Enterprise Management Associates Names Chef Among Top 3 Vendors in Application Deployment and Management for DevOps

Combination of InSpec, Habitat and Automate enables “lifecycle management for flexible deployment to any type of infrastructure”

SEATTLE — March 1, 2018 — Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has named Chef, the leader in Continuous Automation, one of the “Top 3” vendors in application deployment and management for DevOps. The report and recognition are based on a survey of more than 300 DevOps practitioners conducted by EMA in 2017.

InSpec and Habitat bring IT automation to the native cloud-level, by abstracting security, compliance, and application management from infrastructure,” said Torsten Volk, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Combined with the Chef Automate platform, InSpec and Habitat are an excellent backbone for digital transformation that goes far beyond containerization.”

Chef InSpec is a compliance automation solution that accelerates DevSecOps by allowing cross-functional application, infrastructure and security teams to assess and remediate compliance issues from development through the entire software delivery lifecycle. Habitat provides the fastest way to package apps simply and consistently for deployment and management across flexible cloud-native architectures, both on-premises and in-cloud. Chef Automate advances Agile, Lean and DevOps (ALDO) techniques, enabling continuous automation by helping teams overcome complexity to build, manage, and deploy applications and infrastructure better, faster, and safer.

EMA created the guide as a resource for enterprises to learn from their peers and benefit from hundreds of product briefings, case studies, and demonstrations. The report is designed to help influencers and decision makers in their project planning and vendor selection process. Solutions receiving the “EMA Top 3 Products” designation address key container management priorities for 2018 in a convincing and innovative manner.

“Our ‘Detect, Correct, Automate’ approach continues to resonate with DevOps leaders, who are using the tools we provide to accelerate both software delivery and cloud migration,” said Marc Holmes, VP of marketing at Chef. “We are fully committed to continuing rapid development of our platforms with the ongoing assistance of our fast-growing community, to which we are grateful for recognitions such as these.”

To download a complete copy of the report, click here.

About Chef
Chef is the leader in Continuous Automation software, an innovator in cloud native operations and one of the founders of the DevOps movement. Chef works with more than a thousand of the most innovative companies around the world to deliver their vision of digital transformation, providing the practices and platform to deliver software at speed. Chef Automate is Chef’s Continuous Automation Platform which is powered by an awesome community and open source software engines: Chef for infrastructure, Habitat for cloud native operations , and InSpec for compliance. For more visit https://www.chef.io

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