Build Your Organization’s Training Curriculum

Chef Private Training can be delivered independently or combined with other Chef consulting services- in-person or online. Pricing is dependent upon many factors, so please contact us for more information and details.

Chef Automate Compliance

In the Chef Automate compliance course, you will learn how to use the Chef Automate compliance UI, perform compliance scans against Windows and Linux nodes, and remediate compliance issues. In addition, you will learn how to use InSpec, Chef’s open source testing framework for infrastructure. You will create and modify compliance profiles and locate Department of Defense (DoD) compliance specifications that you can use as a basis for an InSpec compliance profile. You will also learn how to use the Chef audit cookbook, which allows you to run InSpec profiles as part of the chef-client run.

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Test Driven Cookbook Development

Test Driven Cookbook Development is a comprehensive instructor-led course exploring Test-driven development (TDD) practices. You will learn the value of TDD, have hands on experience writing tests, and then learn to refactor cookbooks with test. You will also learn about unit testing and testing resources in recipes.

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Chef Essentials (Linux and Windows versions available)

In Chef Essentials you will learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate the configuration, deployment and management of your Linux servers. You’ll also learn about Chef architecture and the set of tools included in the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK). Each of the core units includes hands-on exercises that will give you confidence in your new skills.

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Chef Intermediate Topics

Chef Intermediate Topics introduces you to test-driven development (TDD) and then shows you how to extend your cookbooks with custom resources and Ohai plugins. In this course, you will learn how to confidently refactor and extend a cookbook through explanation, demonstration, practice, and discussion. At the end of the course, you will have created a code repository that can be applied to solve the unique challenges you face managing your infrastructure.

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DevOps Foundations

This course is designed to accelerate you from zero to hero into the world of DevOps from the perspective of using Chef Configuration Management.  Through this three-day command-line driven adventure, you will develop a solid foundation for managing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of servers by using Chef.  This course focuses on both Windows and Linux environments and the technical intricacies of managing and integrating both platforms are covered.

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Chef Train-the-Trainer Program

Chef will work with trainers at your company to prepare them to deliver Chef Essentials or other official Chef training within your company. Program includes attendance in an online delivery of the selected Chef courses, delivery of the training at your company by one of our internal instructors, delivering of guidance on delivering the course, and real time coaching as your trainers deliver the training.

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