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Automate Security in Any Environment with Chef InSpec

As organizations scale workloads across multiple data centers and cloud providers, automating the configuration of their estates has become increasingly crucial for success. Yet despite the many configuration management tools in use, many still apply inconsistent or manual processes for the auditing of those environments.

Whether you’re using Chef, Puppet, Ansible or a mixture of tools, Chef InSpec enables organizations to validate any environment is properly configured and consistently hardened. Chef InSpec is agnostic to system configuration and assesses compliance states based on what system-specific frameworks are applied. Thus organizations are able to apply a consistent mechanism to audit their estate regardless of what methods or tools were used to set them up.

In this webinar, you’ll see how Chef InSpec can be used to evaluate the compliance posture of an Ansible configured environment. We’ll walk through how to ensure audits are continuously applied to environments, providing actionable insights into the security of your configurations.