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Join us on July 18 for the launch of Chef Courier, the latest innovation in enterprise job orchestration from Progress.

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Chef Courier, the latest innovation in enterprise job orchestration from Progress. Chef Courier is designed to streamline, automate, and optimize the orchestration of jobs across your enterprise infrastructure, making it easier than ever to manage complex workflows and achieve operational excellence. 

Here are some examples of how you can use Orchestration in Configuration and Compliance Management with Chef Courier: 

Configuration Management 

  • Change user roles only on windows machines 
  • Upgrade the version of nginx on RHEL nodes running on version 7 alone 
  • Apply an emergency patch for a new JAVA vulnerability that is available 
  • Restart nodes that are running out of memory, everyday 
  • Retry on a node 2 times after a failure when implementing the change 
  • Apply a change only when certain memory/CPU conditions are met 

Compliance and Remediation: 

  • Run a STIG profile on nodes containing a certain specific app alone 
  • Check for access levels on every new Kubelet 
  • Run a security scan every night based on pre-set conditions, on a set of nodes 
  • Run custom commands to change user access after a security incident 
  • Quickly rollback/upgrade a software version on select operating system versions 

Chef Courier is delivered by the Node Management Module which will enable administrators to: 

  1. Enroll nodes and manage workloads across nodes from a single pane of glass 
  2. Get the latest Chef updates with a few clicks  
  3. Gain continuous visibility into the status of all nodes in the fleet 
  4. Schedule recurring tasks on any section of the fleet 

Chef Courier and Node Management will enable administrators with fine-grained control over actions across the fleet, including their timing and targeting dimensions.  

Speed up and streamline procedures for everything from routine tasks to crucial incident response measures with Chef Courier. 
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Presented By:

Prashanth Nanjundappa

VP, Product Management
Progress Software

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