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Webinar Series: Shape up your Infrastructure Automation with Chef

Driving value in today’s agile world is all about constant improvement. Those that lead their industries recognize the areas of their business where “good enough” is no longer good enough and thus put a plan in place to change. Automation is no different. Unmanaged automation can become bloated, brittle, and hard to maintain. But the good news is getting and keeping your automation in shape doesn’t have to be hard – a little effort goes a long way.

In this quickfire webinar series, Chef product experts will cover a series of topics targeted to help you get your Chef automation in its best shape ever! This webinar series will offer something for everyone, from the most seasoned contributors to the newest Chefs. If you’re looking to get your automation in shape and get more out of your existing Chef investments, watch the on-demand sessions today.

Watch the on-demand sessions:

  • Chef Workstation: One Click a Way from Everything: Learn how you can create and test policy-based configuration management automation with Chef Workstation.
  • Custom Resources the Building Blocks of your Cookbooks: Learn how you can build custom resources by combining built-in resources and Ruby code.
  • Building Immutable Infrastructure with Policyfiles: Learn how you can deploy immutable infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud with Chef Infra Policyfiles.
  • Chef Infra Policyfiles Improvements: Learn how the new Policyfiles enhancements are more flexible and easier to apply to ad-hoc operations and its use cases.
  • Automated Cookbook Testing with GitHub Actions: Learn how you can use the Chef testing tools to continuously test your cookbooks and build an easy to understand and maintain pipeline.
  • Testing Chef Infra Cookbooks Fast with Docker: Learn how you can rapidly test your infrastructure code using Docker, OS containers, and Chef Infra Client containers.
  • Configure Chef Infra & Compliance Using Built-In Functionality: Learn how you can configure Chef Infra and Compliance.
  • Using Chef Automate for Infrastructure Management: Learn how you can reduce management overhead, simplify multi-server implementations and streamline compliance with easy-to-access infrastructure views using Chef Automate.
  • Prepare for New Chef Infra Client Releases with Cookstyle: Learn how you can easily upgrade the latest Chef Infra Client with Cookstyle.
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