Save time and reduce errors by automating provisioning and configuration at scale


Continuously deliver applications faster and safer with a proven pipeline


Automate testing for security and compliance, and add remediation to your pipeline

One Platform: Chef

Manage changes to apps, infrastructure, and compliance in multiple environments

Embraced and trusted by pioneers, dreamers, and game changers

  • "Chef provided an automation solution flexible enough to bend our scale dynamics without requiring us to change our workflow."

  • "By bringing in Chef, we were able to automate very heterogenous infrastructures that included both legacy and new applications."

  • "We're no longer an airline, we're a software company with wings."

ChefConf 2016 - Austin, TX - July 11-13

Chef comes alive in Austin when nearly 2,000 passionate leaders, practitioners, and innovators learn about and celebrate Chef, the DevOps workflow, infrastructure automation and continuous application delivery.

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Chef Style DevOps Kung Fu

Chef Style DevOps Kung Fu

Like kung fu, DevOps has many schools. Our school is based on the experiences we have helping companies on their DevOps journeys. Learn how you can begin your own DevOps journey by using Chef Style DevOps Kung Fu.

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