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Chef Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management Automation

Ensure configurations are applied consistently in every environment with infrastructure management automation.

Secure and Scalable Infrastructure Management Automation

Chef Infrastructure Management enables DevOps teams to model and deploy secure and scalable infrastructure automation across any cloud, VM, and/or physical infrastructure.

Infrastructure Management Automation

Chef continues to lead in the DevOps space by helping IT teams adopt modern day best practices including:

Test Driven Development: Configuration change testing becomes parallel to application change testing.

AIOps Support: IT operations can confidently scale with data consolidations and 3rd party integrations.

Self-Service: Agile delivery teams can provision and deploy infrastructure on-demand.

Chef Infrastructure Management Benefits

Change Safely Icon

Change Safely

Automate systems’ adherence to declared desired state and minimize security delays and fire drills.

Run Everywhere Icon

Run Everywhere

Automation solutions for Multi-OS, multi-cloud, on-prem, hybrid and complex legacy architectures.

Scale Easily Icon

Scale Easily

The largest companies in the world, like Facebook, GM and SAP, count on Chef to automate at massive scale.

Actionable Insights Icon

Actionable Insights

Real-time data that is easy to filter and provides reachable and actionable data for every node under management.

Agent Based Advantages

Security is at the heart of everything Chef does. Chef sees agent-less solutions as a major disadvantage for highly regulated organizations that have tight security requirements such as financial services (banks, insurance and wealth management), healthcare and government. This is why Chef leverages an agent to ensure it’s nodes are ‘Autonomous Actors’ and can be responsible for themselves unlike agent-less models.

The Chef Infra agent is self-updating, self-automating and works well in low bandwidth or remote environments. It also allows Chef to scale up and down as customers’ demands change. Security keys are managed and rotated regularly using Chef automated cookbooks which allows admins to turn off port access to SSH and WinRM further securing their environments in line with recommendations from industry standards like CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks.

Chef Infrastructure Management

Chef Infrastructure Management combines the power of open source community based software development and enterprise class support.

Chef Infra

Powerful open source solution that transforms infrastructure into code and automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across environments.

Chef Automate

Enterprise dashboard and analytics tool that enables cross-team collaboration with actionable insights for configuration and compliance across environments.

Chef Enterprise Distributions

Dedicated services that include trusted, hardened, production-ready software distributions, support, expert help, training, reporting and much more.

Chef Community

Chef Supermarket is the site for thousands of configuration templates (cookbooks), for Chef Infra, that are built and maintained by the Chef Community.

Multi-Cloud Support to the Edge and Back

With more than 25 industry recognized cloud providers in the market today, avoiding vendor lock-in is a top priority for many IT Leaders. For global organizations and those that need to support edge computing environments, a multi-cloud approach is also at many times necessary. Chef Infrastructure Management works independently of any cloud resource and enables operations teams to consistently deliver across clouds. Chef provides a GUI based control plane that can both report on in real-time, as well as trigger actions across the fleet of nodes, across clouds.

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"By implementing the self-healing solution, the productivity can be increased by 10 times with improved quality."

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Infrastructure Automation Tool Use Cases

Consistent Configuration Icon

Consistent Configuration

Eliminate configuration drift and continuously enforce desired state.

System Hardening Icon

System Hardening

Reduce risks by ensuring OSs, firmware, and system libraries are kept up to date.

Hybrid Cloud Control Icon

Hybrid Cloud Control

Effectively work with different clouds minimizing complexity through multi-cloud support.

Automated Remediation Icon

Automated Remediation

Event-driven automation that can immediately correct configuration drift.

High Security, Low Trust Environments Icon

High Security, Low Trust Environments

Control access and accelerate delivery in highly regulated environments.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Automation Icon

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Automation

Enable developer services and drive pull-based CI/CD system workflows.

Chef Infrastructure Management Core Features

Automation That is Only as Complex as the Problems You Need to Solve

Chef uses standard human-readable language to provide an easy-to-use interface. You can start using Chef quickly with YAML, and when facing complex tasks it’s possible to use just enough Ruby to model for complex scenarios.

Screenshot of Sample YAML script
Chef Workstation Installation Screenshot showing included products - Chef Workstation App, Chef Infra Client, Chef InSpec, Chef Habitat, Chef Command Line Tool, Test Kitchen, Cookstyle, Ad-hoc remove execution with chef-run, Various Test Kitchen and Knifeplugins for Clouds

Robust Testing and Development Automation Tools

Chef Infrastructure Management includes features such as development tools for testing, dependency resolution, and cookbook generation. With Chef you can be ensured that whether you’re consuming existing chef policies, or creating your own, you have everything you need to get up and running quickly.

Enterprise Control and Coordination

Operating complex services and environments is a collaborative effort requiring a consistent view of intended and actual state across teams. Admins can create customizations to provide resource-specific authorization to users or teams, either created locally or imported from existing LDAP or Active Directory. Data within Automate are then restricted based on the project a user/team has been given access to. Notifications can be displayed on a per-node, per-failure basis, or configured for alerts to chat, webhook endpoints, or to ServiceNow.

Screenshot of creating a new Chef Infrastructure Management project.
Screenshot of Chef Infrastructure Management integration with Slack, ServiceNow and Webhooks

Easily Map Data to 3rd Party Systems with ‘Data Path’

Chef Infrastructure Management supports the implementation of AIOps and with supported integrations that customers can leverage to send data to intelligence and monitoring systems via a feature called ‘Data Path’. This includes an advanced two-way integration with ServiceNow CMDB, and webhook-based notifications that can be used to parameterize other external reporting tools. We also enable the capability to export reports in CSV or JSON.

Hundreds of Supported DevOps Integrations

Chef's infrastructure automation tools integrate with software across the DevOps ecosystem, including source code and artifact repositories (GitHub, GitLab, Atlassian BitBucket), CI/CD (Cloudbees/Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps), provisioning (HashiCorp Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, Vault), secrets management tools and many many others.

Chef Infrastructure Management DevOps integrations - Azure Devops, GitLab, JFrog, and Hashicorp logos
Chef Infrastructure Management cloud integrations - Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS logos

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