Key DevSecOps Topics

Chef InSpec recognized in Compliance Automation tools in Gartner’s
3 Steps to Ensure Compliance and Audit Success With DevOps

Security and Compliance

Compliance Audits

Make audits painless with a continuous compliance approach that provides up-to-date status across your entire estate (on-premises or in the cloud).

Patch Management

Identify unpatched systems, prioritize them by severity, remediate them and visualize your progress towards improving patch compliance.


Mitigate risk, comply with STIGs and deliver value at velocity, while bringing compliance into development processes and maintain a state of continuous compliance.

Secrets Management

Chef integrates with any secrets management platform to ensure authentication credentials, API keys, tokens and other types of secrets are secure and easily retrieved when needed.

Compliance Solutions

Secure and compliant infrastructure by design. Across your entire software delivery lifecycle.


Apply continuous compliance to GDPR requirements, reduce risk while enabling speed to market and competitive advantage.


Adopt continuous compliance practices to obtain PCI-DSS compliance, reducing risk while enabling speed to market and competitive advantage.

Zero Trust

Based on the principle of ‘never trust, always verify’, Zero Trust is the most preferred security strategy used by organizations today against malware, phishing and data exfiltration attacks.


Continuously audit cloud accounts and services for security risks and misconfigurations​

Container Security

Secure container environments with intuitive scans that validate container compliance posture.

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Application Delivery Automation

Cloud Migration

Define your infrastructure, compliance, and applications as code for consistent, secure environments in any cloud.

Windows Application Automation

Delivery and migration automation for Windows applications running on-prem and in the cloud.

Edge Computing Automation

Eliminate application delivery failures, accelerate deployment frequency and drive business agility to the edge.

Cloud Native

Apply cloud native best practices to older technologies and accelerate the adoption of containers.

Modernizing Legacy Apps

Revitalize legacy applications by repackaging them, applying continuous delivery practices, and deploying them to cloud-native environments.

Application Deployment

Application deployment automation to make your DevOps processes run more smoothly in any environment.

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DevOps and Integrations


Ensure Consistent Deployments in Any Cloud Using Chef and Terraform Together.

Continuous Delivery

Scale Continuous Delivery across all applications, change events and environments with Chef.


Chef’s security and compliance solution delivers DevSecOps automation to help organizations move faster while reducing risk.

Chef and Docker

Securely Scale Docker Container Utilization in Production with Chef.

Chef and Azure

Build and continually deliver secure and compliant applications and infrastructure on Azure.


Scale DevOps and Continuous Delivery across your entire organization.

Chef and VMWare

Integrate Chef with VMware vCenter, vRealize, Fusion and Workstation with ready to go plug-ins.

Chef and Kubernetes

Scale Kubernetes adoption and lower maintenance costs by isolating dependencies and using the same process to package all applications.


Streamline Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevSecOps Pipeline Deployments with Pre-Built Chef Security Resources and Integrations. Build and continually deliver compliant and secure applications and infrastructure decreases time-to-market and reduces cost.

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