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Automation Insights and Compliance Validation with Chef and ServiceNow

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Carfax receives information from more than 100,000 data sources and in order to be the leading source of vehicle history information for buyers and sellers of used cars, they need a comprehensive, stable, secure vehicle history database available. CARFAX needed a unified platform to automate configuration management and compliance across thousands of nodes. Doing so enables them to ensure maximum uptime for their consumers, both dealer and individual, accelerating growth of their customers’ businesses.


Chef Infra allows CARFAX to standardize build and configuration processes. Chef InSpec enables quick confirmation of compliant nodes and protection from vulnerabilities. Chef Automate’s notification engine integrates with ServiceNow, giving teams insight into how Chef cookbooks are performing over time. When a cookbook fails, ServiceNow creates an incident for the responsible team to address, ensuring a linear, scalable workflow.


By standardizing and centralizing configuration and compliance, CARFAX was able to:

  • Use Chef Infra to reduce the time to complete a new server build task from days to minutes, and bring engineering and developers closer together, accelerating iteration and innovation
  • Reduce time and effort required to audit server level information from days to seconds with Chef InSpec
  • Gain visibility into useful metrics from the Chef Automate integration with ServiceNow, reducing time spent filtering alerts and giving CARFAX compliance validation assurance

About Carfax

IT Services | Automotive

CARFAX has a comprehensive vehicle history database for buyers and sellers of used cars in North America. Millions of consumers trust CARFAX to provide them with vehicle history information every year. CARFAX receives information from more than 100,000 data sources including every U.S. and Canadian provincial motor vehicle agency plus many auto auctions, fire and police departments, collision repair facilities, fleet management and rental agencies, and more.

Using Chef InSpec saves a lot of time, and it saves a lot of money, because you write a profile one time, and then you can run it against all of your nodes in seconds. You don’t have to go manually check those things. If you run the profile right now through a scan job, you have your answer. Either it is or it isn’t compliant.

Brittany Woods Automation Engineer, CARFAX

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