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Eliminate app delivery failures and accelerate deployment frequency on any edge device.

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What is Chef Edge Management?

Progress® Chef® Edge Management is a combination of Chef tools that enables companies to apply a technology-agnostic and modular approach to defining, packaging and delivering applications at the edge.

Chef Edge Management enables teams supporting edge computing devices to eliminate deployment failures, accelerate release schedules, and configure security and compliance policies by providing a single, comprehensive automation solution that includes configuration, compliance, and application delivery.

Continuous Delivery

Reliable and Scaled Application Deployments to Any Device, Anywhere

Use lightweight immutable artifacts with all dependencies bundled within to deploy applications anywhere and view all environments in real time with a built-in dashboard.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Operational Overhead

Eliminate the need for repetitive tests of application artifacts in multiple environments; instead, focus on improving customer experiences or solving business problems.

Zero-Trust Distribution and Secure Application Management

Monitor the health and status of applications on edge devices with periodic audits, continuous compliance and remediation using pull-based deployments with a lightweight agent.


Chef’s biggest impact is in application management and the fact that our engineering team is freed up to focus on the more critical issues that have a direct effect on customers

Adam Epps Manager of Engineering Operations, Greenway Health

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One Toolchain, Multiple Benefits


Achieve 99.999% successful deployments

Speed up

Software deployments from a couple of weeks to a couple of hours and save 1000s of hours of rework

Secure deployment

Deploy apps that run in a consistent, reliable and secure manner


Tap into community-contributed content for configuration and compliance policies

8 Reasons to Elevate Your Edge Game with Chef Edge Management


Application Artifacts that Are Lightweight, Immutable, Portable and Discrete

Enable consistent, reliable, and secure deployments in production, even at a massive scale, using lightweight immutable artifacts with all the dependencies, configurations, and preconditions.


One Agent for Deployment, Monitoring and Service Management

Use a single lightweight agent that runs on individual edge devices to enable application execution, management, and overall ecosystem monitoring.


Easy Rollbacks for Reduced Testing Cycles and Application Rebuilds

Perform easy and quick rollbacks without manual interventions or field visits when problematic code changes are deployed and ensure zero disruptions in business service delivery.


Peer-to-Peer Communication

Ensure easy data transfer between endpoints with P2P communication without depending on a central server, even during reduced bandwidth or extreme environmental conditions.


Compliance Audits & Remediation

Configure settings, perform periodic compliance checks, automatically fix misconfigurations and close the loop between audit and remediation to ensure continuous compliance on all edge devices.


Pre-Packaged Content

Access an extensive collection of curated plan files that serve as dependencies for creating application artifacts and CIS benchmark policies for compliance maintained by Chef.


Policy as Code to Automate Configuration Changes

Streamline configuration management across your entire edge device ecosystem with Chef’s standardized framework for development, security and operations, all while increasing the rate at which new features are released.


Real-time Dashboards with Actionable Insights

Get a holistic view of all your environments, including the health of all applications, compliance status and configurations run across all IT environments and endpoint types with comprehensive dashboards.

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