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Chef Cloud Security

End-to-End Cloud Security and Compliance Management Software

Prevent security incidents and maintain compliance across your cloud native assets.

Gain Visibility and Limit the Risk of Misconfigurations

Chef® Cloud Security™ makes it possible for you to scan, monitor, and remediate configuration issues in your multi cloud accounts, across on-prem and cloud native environments. It is easier than ever to maintain and enforce compliance with standards based audit. You can tune baselines to adapt to the organization’s requirements, maintain visibility and control across hybrid environments.

Chef Cloud Security

Gain Visibility Through Streamlined Audits

Chef Cloud Security audits your cloud accounts for security risks and misconfigurations across hundreds of configuration settings and enables consistent, unified multi-cloud security.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Close the loop between audit and remediation to ensure assets are always in compliance with CIS benchmarks.

CSPM and Cloud-Native Security

Chef Cloud Security can help you scan systems across all environments (Dev, Pre-Prod, Prod), all systems (Cloud, Kubernetes, VMs, Containers, Windows, Linux), and all clouds (AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, Google, Alibaba, and many others).

Coded Approach

Code is at the center of all our solutions and Chef is leading the evolution from “Infrastructure as Code” to “Policy as Code” which merges infrastructure, security, and compliance concerns into a single framework.

Jump Start Compliance Automation Efforts with Chef Premium Content

Customers access Chef curated trusted content for audit that is directly aligned to CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks or DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides.

Chef Premium Content now offers new cloud target scanning that allows users to easily scan an extensive set of cloud resources across all major public cloud providers, as well as container and Kubernetes deployments.

CIS Amazon Web Services Foundation Benchmark - Level 1 & 2
CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark - Level 1 & 2
CIS Docker Community Edition Benchmark - Level 1 & 2
CIS Kubernetes Benchmark 1.6.1 - Level 1 & 2
CIS Google Kubernetes Engine
CIS Redhat OpenShift Container Platform

Infrastructure-as-Code Template Scanning

Check Terraform templates for security issues before your applications are deployed. Applying “shift left” security reduces your risk and security incidents in production.

Learn more about Infrastructure-as-Code Template Scanning
Infrastructure-as-Code Template Scanning

Continuous Compliance Audit

Chef Cloud Security comes with extensive audit content based on CIS benchmarks out of the box that can be easily tuned to meet specific needs of every organization to evaluate the security of your cloud accounts and ensure compliance.

Learn more about Continuous Compliance Audit
Continuous Compliance Audit

Policy as Code

Policy as Code enables DevSecOps automation with the use of a common pipeline and framework to implement configuration changes while simultaneously maintaining compliance. With Chef’s Policy as Code approach, configuration management is consistent and more efficient, and it also increases release velocity.

Learn more about Policy as Code
Policy as Code

Level Up Cloud Security With Chef

Custom Profiles Tuned to Organization Needs

Chef Cloud Security also has the extensibility and flexibility to allow for customization of pre-packaged audit content that can be modified to accommodate for corporate specific needs through code. It also gives plethora of InSpec cloud resources which can be leveraged to codify custom profiles according to the needs of organisation.


Chef Cloud Security enables security and operations teams maintain complete visibility over the compliance status for public clouds. Achieve Security Automation to detect and correct security issues before they go into production to reduce risk, increase speed, and improve efficiency.

Enterprise Scale

Support for multiple users and teams with SSO using SAML 2.0 and LDAP/Active Directory. Chef Cloud Security integrates with Incident Management tools such as Service Now collaboration tools, including Splunk, Slack, analytics, and monitoring tools. Fully documented RESTful APIs make it easy, for you to create additional integrations and automate workflows.

Community Support

The Chef community is known for the value they bring to the product. You can access user contributed content and resources to help you get started. The community offers constant support for all Chef products and enables collaboration bringing together innovation from different development teams.

Become a part of the Chef Community Slack

Chef Cloud Security Use Cases

Secure Hybrid Cloud Management:

Manage both cloud and on-prem environments (Cloud Instances, VMs, Multi-Tier Apps, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub) using the same tools and processes


Continuously audit cloud accounts and services for security risks and misconfigurations. Achieve consistent security across AWS, Azure, Google, and Alibaba Cloud

Cloud-Native CI/CD Pipeline Governance:

End-to-end Cloud Native environment configuration and security validation (AWS, Azure, Google), scan live running containers, and Validate K8 settings

Audit for Compliance:

Automate CIS benchmark tests for Cloud Fundamentals, Kubernetes, and Docker

Chef Cloud Security - Success Story

Cloud Security Customer Success Story

SAP logo

SAP: Taking Control with CSPM and Chef InSpec for the Public Cloud

Chef provides SAP with a highly flexible tool to manage the compliance of their cloud accounts. It allows teams using public cloud to “shift-left” and adopt DevSecOps practices for public cloud infrastructure, as well as verify the status of their cloud accounts whenever they want. SAP runs a fully private Chef InSpec Kubernetes cluster of three nodes that scanned the entire landscape (around 8 million cloud resources) in three hours while taking over 900 exceptions (or waivers).

Read the customer story here.

Chef Clients Solves Top 3 Use Cases

Overcome Technical Skill Gaps

With hundreds of out-of-the box resources and helpers, automated waivers, built-in testing tools, CIS/DIS STIG aligned profiles, Visual UI, and free online learning, Chef Client provides the tools and resources to eliminate technical skill gaps. Our community of users provide a direct connection with our Chef team, other developers and even more DevRel resources to help you become an expert.

Optimize ROI with Adoption

Key Performance Indicators are ingrained in every successful organization to determine the profitability of an expenditure. With an investment in Chef Client, use the same tool and language for all systems and environments, a fully extensible language for both hybrid and multi cloud support. The robust enterprise management platform offers rich APIs, and data feeds that integrate with corporate BI/AI systems with codified articles to automate workflows and pipeline.

Limit Risk and Increase Speed

Shift left policies and checks run at every stage of the pipeline with enterprise-wide control and visibility. Limit your organization’s risks with hardened systems that slow down non-necessary processes and our codified artifacts feed automated pipelines with functional testing that ensure what you ‘fix’ then ’works’.

Introducing Chef Courier Beta

Streamlining Enterprise Job Management – Anytime, Anywhere.

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