Chef Downloads

Chef Automate

Chef Automate is an enterprise platform that provides actionable insights with enterprise scale providing a unified view of application and infrastructure changes to developers, operations, and security engineers.

Chef Habitat

Chef Habitat enables modern application teams to build, deploy, and run any application in any environment — from traditional data centers to containerized microservices.

Chef Infra

Chef Infra automates infrastructure configuration, ensuring every system is configured correctly and consistently. Chef Infra brings nodes into their expected state and prevents configuration drift.

Chef InSpec

Chef InSpec is an infrastructure security and compliance testing framework with a human- and machine-readable language for comparing actual versus desired system state.

Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation gives you everything you need to get started with Chef Infra, Chef Habitat, and Chef InSpec — ad hoc remote execution, remote scanning, configuration tasks, cookbook creation tools as well as robust dependency and testing software — all in one package.


Other Downloads


Supermarket is an artifact repository that makes it easy to browse, use, and share communal cookbooks and tools within your organization.


Deprecated Tools

Accelerate your business’s move to the cloud and adoption of container technology.