Chef Courier - Enterprise Job Orchestration

Controlled Rollout of Changes – Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

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Orchestration That Brings Workflows Together

Multiple tools and workflows make it difficult for administrators to maintain and manage IT devices in large and complex environments. To handle such scenarios, orchestration is required. Orchestration brings people and tools and workflows together and streamlines IT processes. With Progress® Chef® Courier™, administrators have flexible and granular control over numerous fleet actions, including targeting and timing dimensions. From routine tasks to critical incident response actions, Chef makes processes fast and efficient with its robust orchestration capabilities.

Job Orchestration with Chef - Key Benefits

Control Over All Dimensions of Change Rollout

Target specific nodes for specific changes – ad hoc or scheduled targeting based on pre-defined conditions.

Easy Upgrades and Maintenance of Your Fleet

Use cookbooks, policies, shell scripts or JSON as jobs. Upgrade applications across nodes with ease and rollout changes with flexibility.

Reactive Work Made Easy

Apply patches and security fixes or rollback changes as and when needed. Create incident response cookbooks and orchestrate remediation.

Turn Your Team Members Into Experts

The orchestration capability of Chef empowers every member of the team to run self-service automation. This reduces the dependability on individual experts especially during threat incidents or business downtimes. Different stakeholders can set up, trigger, stop, restart and run numerous actions across nodes in the fleet based on requirements. Responsibilities are shared and no individuals or teams are burdened with routine or critical remediation tasks.

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Job Orchestration with Chef - Use Cases

Orchestration - Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

Perform Any Action - Whatever

The Whatever dimension allows users to control the kind of job they want to perform.

  • Scripts
  • OS Commands
  • Cookbooks
  • Policyfiles
  • Compliance Profiles
  • Application Packages
Couirer Job Actions - Whatever
Node Selection - Wherever

Target Any Node(s) - Wherever

The Wherever dimension allows users to target the nodes they want to run jobs on.

  • Node ID
  • Query
  • Shared Query
  • Saved Lists
  • Other Custom Parameters

The distribution pattern can also be customized.

  • Sequential
  • Parallel
  • Batched

Run Any Time - Whenever

The Whenever dimension allows users to control the timing of the actions to be performed.

  • On-demand
  • Scheduled
  • Reoccurring
  • Exceptions
Courier Job Schedule - Whenever

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