Orchestration for More Secure and Seamless Deployments

Deliver applications and rollback changes securely in any environment with Progress Chef Courier

Deployment Orchestration

What is Deployment Orchestration?

Deployment orchestration involves coordinating and automating application delivery across different environments. Maintaining their security and compliance allows applications to be delivered reliably and perform consistently, with limited room for errors.

However, when errors occur, deployment orchestration also facilitates the rollback of changes to prevent interruption to business services. Orchestration enhances the capabilities of deployment automation by introducing more control and visibility into every aspect of the process.

Make Deployments Secure and Reliable

Reducing deployment failures and accelerating release schedules are significant challenges that development, security and operations teams face today. Progress® Chef® Courier™ offers technology-agnostic application deployment automation, providing more granular control over the application deployment process and enabling teams to define, package and deliver applications across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.

Chef frees DevSecOps teams from technical debt and enables them to run flexible orchestration with control over infrastructure and security/compliance processes within the application deployment process.

Deployment Orchestration – Key Benefits

Improved Speed and Efficiency

Development teams can release features and updates faster by streamlining deployments and reducing manual intervention.

Repeatability and Standardization

Automated scripts and configurations can be reused, and the entire deployment process can be standardized to minimize errors and variability.

Handle Complex Systems

Administrators can easily manage deployments of complex applications involving multiple services and components.


Resources can be dynamically scaled up and down based on demand, improving resource utilization and cost-efficiency.

Deployment Orchestration with Chef

  • Consistency Across Environments

    Reduce deployment-related issues caused by misconfigurations by maintaining uniformity in application deployment across development, testing and production environments.

  • Reduced Risks

    Apply orchestration to integrate security, compliance and configuration policies into the deployment process, reducing risk and enabling secure and fast deployments.

  • Easy Rollback of Changes

    Maintain system stability and business continuity at all times with quick and easy rollback of changes in case of issues.

  • Continuously Visibility and Control

    Gain insights into the status of every job and every node. Create cookbooks and automate workflows to perform any action at any time across any node(s).

Deployment orchestration can significantly transform your IT teams’ productivity by automating, streamlining and optimising the deployment process. Orchestration leads to more efficient, reliable and scalable processes, including handling complex workflows. By freeing up their time, IT experts can now focus on more impactful work.

Successful organizations maintain high levels of agility and resilience in their software development and IT operations. Chef empowers such organizations by combining orchestration with configuration, security, compliance and deployment automation capabilities to foster collaboration and innovation.

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