Chef SaaS

On-Demand DevOps Automation for Your Entire Enterprise

Accelerate IT configuration, compliance, and security automation across your organization with the power of the cloud.

Manage Chef Deployments from the Cloud with Chef SaaS

Now manage all your Chef resources in the cloud with Chef SaaS. Start with Automate On-Demand for infrastructure management, compliance scanning, role-based access control, better visualizations and more – all the Chef functionalities you rely on, with less overhead.

Policy as Code with Chef SaaS

Chef SaaS uses a Policy as Code approach that allows teams to easily manage codified policies for infrastructure, compliance, and cloud security—all from a single console. Chef SaaS brings Policy as Code approach to the cloud, enhancing software delivery speed, streamlining processes, and reducing both time to get started and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Comprehensive Infrastructure Management

Automate management of configurations on all endpoints across platforms with speed and consistency.

Explore Comprehensive Infrastructure Management

Continuous Compliance Management

Automate scanning and remediation of security and compliance vulnerabilities based on DISA STIG and CIS benchmarks of all IT resources across cloud, on-prem, VMs, and containers.

Explore Continuous Compliance Management

Cloud Security Posture Management

Detect misconfigurations and maintain compliance and governance on multi-cloud accounts and container environments.

Explore Cloud Security Posture Management

Consolidated Fleet Visibility

Real-time insights on configuration and compliance data for every data source with intelligent reporting and interactive dashboards.

Explore Consolidated Fleet Visibility

We have integrated Chef SaaS within our .Net and Azure environment to configure VMs to CIS level 1 standard. Chef SaaS enables us to configure our applications in alignment with our enterprise standards and allows us to comply with Azure Profiles easily.

Timothy Odom Lead SRE, iManage Risk and Governance

More Control. Less Hassle.

Chef SaaS offers unmatched secure infrastructure automation and compliance management from the cloud to control all essential resources in the IT fleet for infrastructure and compliance management.

Reduce Operational Costs

Save on operational troubleshooting costs and upgrades while Chef does the heavy lifting of maintaining your deployment.

Achieve Faster Time-to-Value

With zero infrastructure setup required, onboard easily and start using Chef products quickly to achieve faster time-to-value.

Leverage On-Demand Automation

Automate infrastructure configuration and compliance scanning from anywhere, anytime, without disruption.

Enable Multi-Environment Support

Scale to include resources and devices across hybrid, pure cloud, or on-prem environments.

Upgrade Seamlessly

With automatic upgrades, you can now use new Chef features faster while your core focus remains on innovation.

Use Centralized Governance

Get visibility and manage your infrastructure, compliance and cloud security landscape on a single dashboard.

Harness the Power of Chef on the Cloud

Continuous Audits and Automated Remediation

Chef SaaS enables security and operations teams to manage the compliance status of its IT estates. Chef SaaS comes with CIS & STIG-based audit information, and its flexibility allows you to customize pre-packaged remedial information to meet organization-specific requirements. With automatic remediation and standards-based content, Chef SaaS can fix compliance issues found during audits without writing any new code.

Continuous Audits and Automated Remediation

Dashboard for Consolidated Fleet Visibility

Get in-depth insights into the status of your IT fleets by using a dashboard designed explicitly with configuration and compliance management in mind. Thanks to Chef SaaS's intelligent reporting and interactive dashboards, you can now constantly track the fleet’s compliance status.

Continuous Audits and Automated Remediation

Configuration Management for all platforms and Operating Systems

Chef SaaS allows you to describe infrastructure as code, automate and test the management of configurations and system state. Chef adopts a policy-based methodology that is built on the tenets of test-driven development. System configuration and application change testing make it simple to enforce and keep track of system states across all infrastructure and teams. Users can apply configurations across a mixed fleet of Linux, Mac, and Windows systems with Chef SaaS, independent of OS version or architecture.

Continuous Audits and Automated Remediation

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Chef SaaS offers CSPM capabilities to detect misconfigurations and maintain compliance on cloud accounts and container environments. With Chef SaaS, you can scan across all environments (dev, pre-prod, prod), all systems (cloud, Kubernetes, VMs, containers, Windows, Linux), and all cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, and many others). Chef SaaS provides security benchmarks like SOC2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA with the added flexibility of customizing policies to suit specific organizational needs.

Continuous Audits and Automated Remediation

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