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Why Chef SaaS Is the Optimal Option after AWS OpsWorks EOL

Learn how OpsWorks users can explore to continue leveraging Chef SaaS to manage their infrastructure.

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Dive into our whitepaper for a smooth migration journey from AWS OpsWorks to Progress Chef. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Introduction to AWS OpsWorks EOL: Highlights the implications for users and emphasizes the importance of migrating to Chef SaaS.

  • Four Key Reasons to Migrate to Chef SaaS: Discover more about Chef SaaS deployment, strategies, and what to expect when your environment is ready.

  • The Step-by-Step Migration from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS: Effortlessly transition with a simple 3-step guide, ensuring you're on the latest OpsWorks version and seamlessly adapting to Chef SaaS.

  • The Benefits of using Chef SaaS: Explore the feature benefits of using Chef SaaS.

Learn why Chef SaaS is the optimal option after AWS OpsWorks EOL. Download Now.


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