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This blog explains how you can apply the different features of Chef InSpec to ensure that security and compliance standards are enforced consistently in every environment.

Shua Matin

The primary objective of IT automation is to make processes related to infrastructure faster, more secure and error-free. Chef SaaS enables you to automate your IT infrastructure with the power of the cloud. Now, all your favorite Chef tools are available as SaaS. No setup hassles, no maintenance and no extra resources required. Read on to learn more.

Anugraha Benjamin Smitha Ravindran

A high-level overview of the recognitions received in this year’s G2 Spring Awards.

Advaita Karthik

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This blog discusses the top 5 configuration management tools in 2024. Configuration management tools are software applications that help automate the process of setting, checking and maintaining software, hardware and system configurations within an IT environment.

Jnanankur Ghosh

Chef Agentless provides an intuitive approach to managing the desired configuration of various systems, including remote endpoints, edge devices and cloud-based resources.

Akshay Parvatikar Balkar Singh Kang

Progress Chef Automate is changing. In the new version, capabilities and features will be restricted according to the tenure and purpose of the existing license. This will help Chef better serve both community and commercial users.

Ankur Mundhra Kallol Roy

Progress Chef Cloud Security and Chef Compliance present a sturdy framework for your organization to automate the auditing, monitoring and detection of misconfigurations across diverse IT infrastructures.

Advaita Karthik

Verifying the integrity of waiver files is crucial for the integrity of waiver files is critical in supporting transparency and accountability in compliance management systems.

Sarthak Vasal

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Progress Chef Courier! Sign up to see how you can streamline complex workflows with our enterprise job orchestration solution and enable control over every dimension of the change rollout process.

Anugraha Benjamin

This blog will explore some container security challenges and how adopting a policy-as-code approach helps maintain continuous compliance across the container environment.

Shua Matin

Dan Choquette, Director of Chef Education and Services at Progress provides information about the two new certification programs for Learn Chef. See how you can level-up your own Chef knowledge in these new programs.

Dan Choquette

As a Progress Chef Automate HA customer, leveraging Prometheus becomes essential to receive metrics regarding the health and availability of the solution. This blog will instruct you how to monitor Chef Automate HA in Prometheus.

Akshay Parvatikar