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This blog explains how you can apply the different features of Chef InSpec to ensure that security and compliance standards are enforced consistently in every environment.

Shua Matin

The primary objective of IT automation is to make processes related to infrastructure faster, more secure and error-free. Chef SaaS enables you to automate your IT infrastructure with the power of the cloud. Now, all your favorite Chef tools are available as SaaS. No setup hassles, no maintenance and no extra resources required. Read on to learn more.

Anugraha Benjamin Smitha Ravindran

A high-level overview of the recognitions received in this year’s G2 Spring Awards.

Advaita Karthik

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The DevOps world is rapidly changing. A good DevOps transformation improves team collaboration and results in efficient and faster software development pipelines. Read this blog to know about 10 Reasons to embrace a SaaS-Based Solution for your DevOps Transformation.

Jnanankur Ghosh

Edge devices are rapidly increasing with the advent of newer technologies. Managing edge devices can be a complex task. Read this blog to know about five reasons why Chef Edge Management is the ultimate solution for Edge devices.

Jnanankur Ghosh

This blog is a recap of the keynote session at ChefConf ’23. Key speakers spoke about the common challenges in DevOps/DevSecOps and how Chef helps.

Smitha Ravindran

Learn about the differences between infrastructure provisioning, configuration orchestration and configuration management and how they relate to IaC.

Doug Barney

Technical blog on how to access License Key with different tiers.

Akshay Parvatikar

Exciting News! Chef InSpec 6 is here, bringing faster compliance and flexible licensing options. At Progress Chef, we're committed to innovation and customer empowerment. Discover what's new in Chef InSpec 6 and how it benefits you.

Prashanth Nanjundappa

Explore the key security myths that DevOps teams should be aware of. Discover why misconfigurations, insider threats, cloud security posture management, IoT device security, and password problems are critical aspects of modern security that every DevOps professional should understand.

Doug Barney

This blog post provides an overview of vulnerabilities discovered in Chef and Progress Chef’s approach and recommendation to fix them with links to technical documents.

Brian Loomis

This blog provides awareness and guidance about the importance of SDLC/Chef coding best practices.

Brian Loomis