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This blog provides awareness and guidance about system hardening and its critical importance in achieving and maintaining IT compliance.

Shua Matin

This blog post showcases how Progress Chef InSpec profiles and AWS Systems Manager (SSM) can be used to better support security and compliance within an air-gapped AWS Cloud environment.

Balasubramanian S

Choosing a compliance automation software based on your company’s requirements and IT complexity can be daunting. Especially when there are many players in the market. We have assembled a list of seven key points that you can asses to find the right fit based on your organization's regulatory requirements and IT complexity.

Smitha Ravindran

Learn Chef is migrating from its current web property to a new Progress Education Community from the current platform. This blog explains the reasons, features, and benefits for customers.

Smitha Ravindran

Progress Chef's cloud-hosted solution to manage all products, Hosted Chef, has reached its end-of-life (EOL) stage. This post captures the important dates to consider and the transition plan to our enhanced solution, Chef SaaS.

Jnanankur Ghosh Mark Cavins

Explore the enhanced user journey at Progress Chef Download portal, your hub for Chef software and resources to streamline infrastructure management.

Akshay Parvatikar

This blog series showcases the multitude of options available to you with Chef Inspec. In this post, we highlighted how Chef Inspec can be used to create cloud resource packs—specifically for AWS. The ability to write custom controls, create your own controls and use resource packs to obtain pre-defined controls, are several advantages of using Chef Inspec.

Kameerath Abdul Kareem

Chef Infra Client EOL cycle to undergo an update

Sudharshan Kaushik Kannan

Critical CVEs fixed with Minio update in Chef Automate 4.12.40.

Ankur Mundhra Kallol Roy