Steps for Getting Started with Support

Create Your User Account

To interact with Chef Support, you need to create a user account.

  • Be sure to use your corporate email when creating your account
  • If you are an on-premises customer, you do not need to create a new organization
Create Chef Support User Account
Log Into the Ticket System

To create and/or review tickets, you need to be logged in.

  • Use the username (not your email) and password that you created when you set up your user account in Step 1.
Chef Support Ticket System
Ask Anyone Reviewing and/or Creating Tickets to Repeat this Process

Make sure everyone has access! If a vendor or user does not use your corporate email account, please email us at requesting that a non-domain user be added to your account.

Friendly Tips for Interacting with Chef Support

Severity Descriptions and Support Escalation Process

Our Service Level Agreement provides a detailed description of different ticket severity levels and how Chef handles those tickets.

Review the Service Level Agreement

Submitting & Managing Your Support Tickets via Web

The web interface is the best method for working with your Chef Support team. You can submit any severity level ticket, as well as view previously submitted tickets.

Visit the Chef Support Ticket System

Submitting & Managing Your Support Tickets via Email

For convenience, you can submit, update, and reopen tickets by sending an email.

Send email to

Checking the Status of Chef-related Systems

To follow the current status of any Chef-related systems you can check one of the following apps.

Visit Visit