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If you are thinking of attending this year’s ChefConf, you won’t want to miss who is going to be speaking at our various panels and breakout sessions.

Piyushree Nagrale

Diving into the concept of Policy as Code (PaC), this blog sheds light on the advantages of using Policyfiles and how to use them for a polished cookbook management experience.

Sarthak Vasal

Better configuration management leads to better compliance and security. This blog explains how managing the configurations across your entire IT estate and using a tool like Chef Compliance helps mitigate risks and achieve continuous compliance throughout the CI/CD process.

Shua Matin Smitha Ravindran

Attendees of ChefConf ‘23 should be expecting a one-of-a-kind experience packed with enriching learning opportunities featuring a free certification course, workshops and more.

Dan Choquette

ChefConf Seattle is making its return this year, offering new track paths, collaboration opportunities, workshops, and more. Discover what awaits you at this premier DevSecOps conference.

Piyushree Nagrale

Progress Chef is migrating from our current support site to a new Progress Chef Support & Learning Hub. This blog explains the reasons, features and benefits for the customers. Additionally, the Aha! Ideas (enhancement requests) portal is also undergoing a change which is described here.

Smitha Ravindran

Discover the key benefits of utilizing Chef attributes in your infrastructure management process. This blog post dives into why leveraging attributes is crucial for seamless configuration management.

Sarthak Vasal

What is SOC 2 and how can SOC 2 compliance be automated for cloud infrastructure

Jacob George

Explore Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and its role in securing your cloud environment. Learn more about shared responsibilities and effective CSPM solutions.

Doug Barney