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Building Security Resilience in the Cloud with Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Complexity Compromises Cloud Security

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According to Gartner, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solutions "Manage cloud risk through the prevention, detection, response and prediction of where excessive cloud infrastructure risk resides based on common frameworks, regulatory requirements and enterprise policies."

With that in mind, security and IT teams must be diligent and aware of what may come up on their threat radars. Every organization must invest in a comprehensive cloud security strategy addressing the common cloud challenges mentioned above (and many others mentioned in the whitepaper) while also considering the cloud's growing complexity.

In our whitepaper, Progress Chef experts dive into what cloud security threats DevSecOps teams face and what the industry is doing to combat them. A recent Progress study on the state of DevSecOps found that 57% of respondents said security threats were the number one technology factor driving the evolution.

However, the following challenges are the most common amongst DevSecOps and IT professionals when it comes to implementing cloud security solutions:

  • 27% needed to be more confident in the accuracy of their security and compliance data.
  • 18% were not confident they were protected against the OWASP top 10.
  • 47% needed to be more confident there was an effective integration of security/compliance feedback.

Download the whitepaper today to access information regarding all insights related to CSPM and best practices to improve your current cloud security strategies to overcome any and all challenges with your cloud implementation.

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