Edge Computing Automation

Eliminate application delivery failures, accelerate deployment frequency and drive business agility to the edge.

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Edge Computing Poses Unique Challenges

Supporting hundreds to thousands of different devices that can be distributed across the globe poses unique challenges for organizations. Many traditional solutions that work at the corporate level fail to translate to edge computing devices. Network latency and bandwidth constraints cause deployments to fail without notice, multiple configurations are used and must be maintained, and production environments are difficult to mimic in development.

Unlike other areas of digital transformation that are many times developer-led, success on the edge requires operational considerations to be equally prioritized. Building applications that are not only functional but can be provisioned, configured, delivered, updated and remediated remotely using an automated solution is key to the long-term success of any edge computing effort.

Edge Solutions Built for Modern DevSecOps Delivery

For the past decade Chef has been helping organizations adopt automation capabilities for the delivery of secure and reliable infrastructure and applications in the cloud and in the data center. Now, we are extending these benefits to the edge to maximize operational efficiency and drive business agility, while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost. All with the ultimate goal of making the lives of supporting development, operations and security teams easier.

Chef Delivers Quantifiable Benefits on the Edge

Accelerate Delivery

 Scale continuous delivery to the edge and deploy to production up to 90% faster

Eliminate Deployment Failures

Shift defect resolution from run-time to build-time and eliminate production failures

Reduce Operational Overhead

Reduce time and effort to maintain applications over their lifetime by up to 80%

Chef Edge Computing Solution Advantages

Chef enables teams supporting edge computing devices to eliminate deployment failures and accelerate release schedules by providing a comprehensive automation solution that includes configuration, hardening, patch management, compliance and application delivery.

Chef is uniquely positioned for edge computing and offers customers the following advantages to other tools on the market:

Full Support for Low-Bandwidth Environments

  • Single light-weight dynamic agent that handles builds, updates and health checks
  • Package the application with only the dependencies it needs and streamline updates – package sizes (80%+ smaller than containers)
  • Deployment capabilities for air-gapped edge computing environments

Consistent Configuration and Compliance

  • Configuration as code drives consistency and repeatability across devices
  • Compliance as code enables ongoing audits and security checks for things like HIPPA and PCI
  • Purpose built reports and dashboards for audit and security teams 

Real-Time Visibility and Validation

  • View and validate the status of applications across all edge computing environments
  • Leverage advanced analytics to see if a deployment was successful or not and if the app is currently healthy
  • Drill down to classes of nodes or classes or errors to isolate data using intuitive tools

Chef Helps Developers at Wal-Mart Eliminate Months of Time Rebuilding Edge Application

Learn how IRL is leveraging Chef EAS to make customer’s shopping experiences better

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Chef for Desktop Management

In addition to edge computing devices many customers may have thousands of desktop and laptops that need to be deployed, managed and secured. Trends like BYOD and telecommuting have created a lack of visibility into the configuration and compliance status of devices across the estate. Chef provides clients with an easy way to manage a broad set of endpoints (Windows, OSx and Linux) while establishing “risk profiles” and enforcing corporate compliance of distributed devices. Using Chef tools IT managers can centralize configurations, automate configuration tasks and continuously validate compliance of devices.

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