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Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Enterprise Automation Software to Continuously Deliver Secure Applications and Infrastructure

Chef® Enterprise Automation Stack™ (EAS) provides teams implementing DevSecOps with a common approach for automating application delivery, infrastructure configuration and compliance auditing.

Comprehensive Application, Security and Infrastructure Delivery Automation with Chef EAS

Continuous delivery accelerates the rate at which companies can promote software across environments. More testing is done during the build phase with the idea that the sooner you can find and fix defects, the faster teams can release quality applications. But scaling continuous delivery across all applications, all change events and all environments is not easy; it requires an integrated automation stack that can be used across an ever-increasing number of technologies in rapidly growing environments.

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) is an automation platform for DevSecOps teams to build, deploy, manage, and secure any application running on any infrastructure:

  • Align teams via a common set of tools and processes
  • Embed compliance testing in every stage of the technology lifecycle
  • Enable consistency, velocity, and security in application delivery to any infrastructure
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Corey Johnston, Manager of Cloud Engineering at Edgenuity

Drive Continuous Delivery at Scale Across all Applications and Environments

EAS builds upon Chef’s expertise in the automation and configuration management space enabling organizations to use a single solution to:

  • Define infrastructure, security policies, and application requirements as code
  • Deliver the stack via an automated pipeline to any platform (on-premises or in the cloud)
  • Deploy, observe and manage ongoing changes.
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The Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Chef Automate

Enterprise dashboard and analytics tool enabling cross-team collaboration with actionable insights for configuration and compliance and an auditable history of changes to environments.

Explore Chef Automate

Chef Habitat

Automation capabilities for defining application build-time and run-time requirements, packaging and delivering applications to almost any environment regardless of operating system or platform.

Explore Chef Habitat

Chef Inspec

Enterprise Automation capabilities to define and continuously test and enforce security and compliance standards on-prem and in the cloud.

Explore Chef Inspec

Chef Infra

Infrastructure automation capabilities to configure and remediate any number of systems across desktop, cloud and private data center environments.

Explore Chef Infra

Benefits of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

A Coded Enterprise moves with velocity, engenders trust, and delivers value to customers repeatedly and securely via its application portfolio. Chef Enterprise Automation Stack helps your organization become a Coded Enterprise, defining infrastructure, security, and application requirements as code to drive automation at scale and focus on what really matters: delivering value to the customer.

Deliver Applications Faster

Provision build environments on-demand and scale continuous delivery across all environments.

Reduce Compliance Testing Time

Define policies as code and reduce audit cycles by 95% across infrastructure, applications and cloud resources.

Drive Organizational Alignment

Enable Application, Operations, and Security teams to collaborate and share automation via a common tool-set and automation library.

Accelerate Adoption of New Technology

One way to production for custom and COTS applications, on-premises and cloud-native.

Reduce Tool Sprawl

Minimize the number of tools needed to support multiple applications and environments.

Optimize Day 2 Operations Support

Deliver updates instantly and avoid change failures that lead to downtime or costly rollbacks.

Validate Changes and Ensure Compliance Across all Environments with DevOps Dashboards

Purpose-built DevOps dashboards are included to provide visibility and validation across infrastructure and applications. In addition to providing real-time views of all infrastructure and applications, Chef Automate provides:

  • Filtering and analysis capabilities within existing security and compliance dashboards.
  • Fine grained, role-based access control for data surfaced within these dashboards.

Build Applications and Infrastructure that Are Secure by Design

EAS lets teams test the security and compliance status across all their environments and makes it easy to detect and correct issues before they reach production. With continuous visibility into compliance status, organizations are always audit-ready and can quickly respond to vulnerabilities as they arise.

Harden Infrastructure

Ensure infrastructure remains consistent, compliant, and secure. Apply CIS-certified profiles to continuously test for weaknesses and remediate when needed.

Avoid Costly Security Issues

Test for security and compliance early in the development process when problems are easiest and least expensive to fix.

Enter Audits with Confidence

Avoid compliance gaps by continuously checking compliance status and correcting issues.

Test-driven Infrastructure Configuration for the Entire Enterprise

Turning configuration into code lets customers manage workflow the same way for the infrastructure your applications depend on. Configuration change testing becomes parallel to application change testing. Test-driven development identifies defects through the unit test process; test-driven infrastructure lets you test the changes you make to configurations before unleashing them on production. Chef EAS enables teams to apply the principles of test-driven infrastructure as code across their entire IT estate from smart devices running on the edge to on-premises servers to workloads running in the cloud.

We use the entire Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. We use each tool where it’s fit for purpose and found that using them all together really gives us a whole end to end solution.

Rob Ericsson Sr. VP Product Development, Rizing

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