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The DevOps movement is focused on delivering software faster and more efficiently, without breaking things as often. To meet these goals, businesses need to change organizational culture and structure, as well as the tools and processes they use.

Chef’s “Embrace DevOps” eBook dives into how people, teams, and organizations can embrace Lean principles, a diverse workforce, and a good product roadmap to build better products with greater speed.

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Chef Automation Solutions: Built for DevOps Teams

Our approach to automation was born with the DevOps movement. The experiences of working with our community and customers to help companies of all sizes and industries become high-velocity software organizations have been built into Chef Enterprise Automation Stack making it the most flexible and scalable platform for building, deploying, and managing infrastructure, applications, and compliance.

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How do you take the continuous delivery, DevOps concepts and scale them across a much larger organization? We proved that what we thought was provable really works and the benefits we suspected we would see we absolutely do see.

Mike Murphy Head of IT Operations, Standard Bank
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Evolving from Infrastructure as Code to Policy as Code

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Continuous Delivery for the Continuous Enterprise

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