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Embrace DevOps eBook

Your Guide to the DevOps Lifestyle

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Scale DevOps by Building a Coded Enterprise

DevOps is a practice at the center of organizational transformation. It requires collaboration across teams, the adoption of automation and consistent delivery paths for all applications.  Savvy companies have realized the way to scale DevOps is by building a coded enterprise. Collaboration through code enables groups with different languages and goals to work together.

Our Embrace DevOps eBook is filled with DevOps best practices that, when combined with a DevOps solution like Chef Enterprise Automation Stack, make it possible to collaborate via code and build better products with greater speed.

Download the Embrace DevOps eBook to learn:

  • The foundations of DevOps
  • How DevOps and Lean principles complement each other
  • How forging connections among people with diverse skills makes for better products
  • Tips for establishing roadmaps and validating themes

Download the Embrace DevOps eBook today and learn how Lean principles, a diverse workforce, and a good roadmap all help your organization become a coded enterprise

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