Container Security Solutions

Container Scanning for Continuous Compliance and Security

Secure container environments with intuitive scans that validate container compliance posture.

Secure Cloud Native Applications with Container Security

Containers offer portability and extensibility making it easy for DevOps teams to rapidly scale applications and services. But traditional scanning tools cannot track or manage containers effectively due to their dynamic nature. Chef’s container security solution protects container environments with automated security testing to validate the container build process along with its functional requirements and configurations. With the Policy as Code approach Chef minimizes the time and effort it takes to maintain continuous compliance.

Container Security Benefits

Scan container images

Verify access privileges and configuration

Automate compliance audits with curated benchmark profiles

Detect and remediate compliance issues faster

Make Container Security Effortless with Policy as Code

Chef’s Policy as Code brings configuration management and compliance into a single step, eliminating the security silo and moving everyone into a shared pipeline and a shared framework. Codified policies are unambiguous, sharable, and easily actionable and this gives DevOps teams the power to create, modify, and customize policies to align with specific business needs. Ensure consistent configuration and compliance across docker, Kubernetes and other container environments using Policy as Code.


Audit and Secure Container Environments

Take advantage of a wide range of audit content for containers from curated benchmark content to custom community-built content. Chef helps organizations achieve faster time-to-value with out-of-the-box content. Chef-curated content for compliance audits is based on Center for Internet Security (CIS)) certified benchmarks and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).

Validate Docker and Kubernetes infrastructure with best practices from CIS Benchmarks:

  • Benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes
  • Managed Kubernetes – EKS
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Benchmark v1.1.0 (Beta)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service - v1.0.1 (Beta)
  • OpenShift & Podman Security

Continuous Scanning for Container Compliance

With Chef, regular scans can be scheduled on containers for continuous compliance - scan and monitor container images as part of CI/CD workflows to reduce security and compliance risks from development to production. Chef offers a range of audit profiles based on industry standards like CIS and the ability to create custom policies that align with an organization’s internal compliance policies.

Chef can secure Docker and Kubernetes including configuration as well as elements such as pods, network policies, container network interface and secrets. Close the audit loop with remediation guidance to correct policy violations efficiently and quickly.


Unified Visibility of Container Compliance Posture

Chef provides unified visibility into the compliance posture across multiple container environments. View comprehensive reports for insights into failed controls. Export data with a single click to document audit results to comprehend compliance posture better.


Seamlessly Scale Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Seamlessly Scale Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Enforce Compliance Standards Easily with Out-of-the-box Benchmarks

Seamlessly Scale Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Policy as Code for Consistent and Efficient Compliance Management

Seamlessly Scale Security for Containers and Kubernetes




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