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DevSecOps for Your Azure Environment

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Using modern DevOps and Security principles, securely manage infrastructure configuration and compliance policies as code, helping enterprises detect and remediate security issues at scale. With native integrations into Azure, you get the familiarity of using our tools across multi-cloud environments and at the same time, leverage capabilities offered by Azure.

  • Automated management of Azure Resources spanning from Azure IaaS services to Azure SQL Database and Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Detect fleet-wide issues and prioritize remediation
  • Easily validate the state of resources for audits
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Accelerate Azure Adoption by Application Automation

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Chef’s offerings define the application’s dependencies as code and package the application. This creates portability for the application, allowing it to be deployed to any Azure Compute resource. Leverage Chef’s deep experience with infrastructure automation to bring unprecedented automation capabilities to applications.

  • Modernize and move legacy applications
  • Accelerate container adoption
  • Run any application anywhere

Automate Infrastructure, Apps and Compliance with One Platform

Companies require speed, velocity, and safety to compete in the digital marketplace. Together Chef and Microsoft help individuals, teams, and enterprises accomplish all of these things. With one platform, Chef Automate, you can now automate and continuously deliver your infrastructure, applications, and even compliance across your Microsoft estate.

Consistent Environment Management with Azure’s Chef Integrations
Ken Thompson, Azure Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft

Test Drive Chef Automate on Azure

Supported by Chef, the Chef Automate Azure Marketplace solution enables you to build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure and applications collaboratively. One click gets you instant access to all commercial features included with Chef Automate; gain end-to-end visibility across your entire fleet, enable continuous compliance, and manage all change with a unified workflow.

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The nice thing about Chef technology for customers is they can apply a standardized automation both in Azure, on anything that they’re migrating or net new deployments. But they can also apply the same toolset, processes, and methodology to their existing investments… to have consistency in terms of how they manage disparate environments.

Ken Thompson Azure Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
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