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Detect, Correct, and Automate Compliance with Chef Automate


Privacy by design

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforces the concept of “privacy by design,” meaning security and regulatory compliance can no longer be treated as bolt-ons or afterthoughts. By applying continuous automation to GDPR requirements, you can build compliance automation and security principles into the development cycle, reducing risk while enabling speed to market and competitive advantage.

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GDPR Compliance

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Automate the auditing of your systems against the technical requirements of GDPR to achieve continuous compliance with Chef Automate.

Complying with GDPR without Slowing Down Your Pipeline

Most organizations are in some phase of DevOps adoption, applying agile, lean, and DevOps (ALDO) principles to create streamlined processes with the flexibility to adapt quickly to change. Yet 81% of IT operations professionals and 77% of InfoSec professionals believe InfoSec policies hinder their ability to deliver software and innovation quickly.

By defining the auditing toolset in code by using InSpec and Chef Automate you can automate compliance the same way you automate infrastructure and other aspects of your operation. The results are increased, speed, reduced risks, and greater efficiencies.

Detecting, Correcting, and Automating for GDPR Compliance

With Chef AutomateChef InSpec and  DevOps best practices, you can rethink GDPR compliance and take a code driven approach. By introducing Compliance as Code to define security regulations, you turn these into small, modular, executable blocks, that can be put together to define any security policy. This allows you to continuously detect, correct, and automate GDPR or any compliance requirements.

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