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DevOps approaches have long struggled with how best to integrate security. Traditional security methodologies are at odds with the rate of change introduced by DevOps practices, creating difficult trade-offs between risk and agility. Truly integrating security practices into the software delivery lifecycle – or DevSecOps – promises more.

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A recent worldwide study commissioned by Progress Software found that:


of organizations still considered themselves at an exploratory and proof-of-concept stage in respect to DevSecOps


experienced challenges in their current approaches to security and 51% admitted that they didn’t fully understand how security fits into DevSecOps


agreed that culture was the biggest barrier to DevSecOps progress

Three overarching findings emerged from the study results:

  • DevSecOps success has been stymied by complexity and constant change
  • Effective DevSecOps requires collaboration and investment in culture
  • Desire to succeed didn’t equal mastery of DevOps and DevSecOps practices


DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World

This report takes a closer look at the areas stalling DevSecOps success and also provides best-practice insights to serve as a resource for businesses looking to uplevel their DevSecOps strategy.

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Everything as Code

DevSecOps automation entails a close collaboration between Development, Security, and Operations to integrate best practices into the software delivery process, including embedding automated security and compliance testing in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

One barrier to collaboration among operations, development and security across the SDLC is that these professionals all have their own language and corporate culture. Fortunately, Code serves as a common source of truth, shared as a common language among the teams and can be used to codify infrastructure configuration, security and compliance.

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite

Chef Effortless Infrastructure Suite (EIS) offers visibility into security and compliance status across all infrastructure and makes it easy to detect and correct issues long before they reach production. Chef EIS translates infrastructure configuration and compliance policies as code helping organizations streamline the security into their DevSecOps automation Practices.

Chef EIS delivers a differentiated compliance and security solution in its ability to detect any deviations from the desired state and provide remediation resources to automatically bring that system back into a secure and compliant state. Chef EIS provides enhanced out of the box security and compliance content, such as CIS_Center for Internet Security and STIG_Security Technical Implementation Guide profiles. This premium content can easily be customized to incorporate enterprise-specific compliance or security policies.

With this integrated Detect and Correct capability, Chef EIS delivers DevSecOps automation tools to help organizations move faster while reducing risk.


A recent IDG survey commissioned by Chef Software found that:


59% of respondents believe integrating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is crucial for their organization’s success


Nearly 9 out of 10 DevSecOps adopters found security to speed up – or at worst have no impact on – software delivery


60% of organizations believe that adopting DevSecOps reduces the risk of breaches

So adopting DevSecOps practices is a critical step for organizations to speed up their software delivery while reducing their risks.


2020 Chef Security Compliance Survey Results

For more information on the impact of integrating security into DevSecOps practices you can download the 2020 Chef Security Compliance Survey.

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