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DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World

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This whitepaper presents the findings of a research study to understand the challenges and best practices associated with implementing DevSecOps. The study involved 606 interviews with IT/Security/App Dev and DevOps decision-makers in organizations with 500+ employees across 11 countries.

The study highlights the following key findings:

  1. DevSecOps success has been hindered by complexity and constant change.
  2. Effective DevSecOps requires collaboration and investment in culture.
  3. Desire to succeed in DevOps and DevSecOps does not necessarily translate into mastery of practices.

The report emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to DevSecOps, focusing on the convergence of tools, processes, and culture. It also reveals that culture is the biggest barrier to DevSecOps progress, as reported by 71% of respondents. Collaboration between security and development teams was found to be lacking, with only 30% expressing confidence in the level of collaboration.

Download the whitepaper today to access the full report and get actionable insights and best practices to help your organization enhance DevSecOps strategies and overcome the challenges associated with implementation.

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